Available Men Only Please

I have been grappling with this idea lately that maybe I am attracting unavailable men.  In fact, I’ve begun some personal growth work to explore just that….

Mr. Charima got right to the point when I spoke to him.  “Why do you have to figure it out?” he asked…  Then proceeded to explain that he can sense an emotionally screwed up woman within 20 minutes and when he realizes that..  He just bails.  Bam, OUT, gone.  So— why don’t I?

The School Teacher and I were talking about this very thing.   It’s gotten so complicated now… dating.  Not only are we looking for chemistry and attraction, but also whether or not your lives can fit together.  Do we live close enough to each other?  If not, will one of the partners be able to move within a reasonable amount of time.

Good luck even meeting someone in the first place, because I’d say most people in our age bracket and workin’ careers and raising kids.  We just don’t get out a lot.

Then there is the question of intimacy, only now we are all damaged goods.  Is he capable of true intimacy?  Am I open to recieve it?  It’s cooooomplicated.

Maybe I’m not a huge magnet for the emotionally unavailable.  Maybe that’s just the majority of men on the market in my age range, and I just give them more chances that I probably should…  But with alllll this, can we really find it all?  Can we find it all, and have it be so easy?  See above image.

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