Watch Your Six!

Watch your six is an expression we used when I was in the military. It’s basically a way to say “watch your ASS” without swearing. (If you think of the arms on a clock, then u might get why they say six… it points down, like toward your ass. lol)

This here is a story about a smart, hard-working, sexy single Mom (as usual)– my sister. My sister lives in Nebraska. She’s uber talented and super sassy. She is a kick ass and take names kind of gal. We’ll call her The Queen of Everything.

This particular sister, The Queen of Everything, is the one who turned me on to Plenty Of Fish. She’s always been willing to try something new when it comes to dating. She’s always been someone who was not afraid to take risks, and went through life with brash self-confidence. For instance, years ago before kids, careers, and mortgages, The Queen of Everything jumped on a train and headed out across the country to meet a Marine she’d been talking to online. That’s when people were still quite uncomfortable with the whole internet dating thing!

So, this fabulous woman is now trying out “chat lines”. I believe it’s sort of like a party line on the phone. Since she’s doing it, and I’m skeptical –it’s probably the next big thing. Lol. That’s how this routine with us usually goes.

The Queen of Everything has been chatting with one particular dude on this chat line. They finally got together and spent the whole day hanging out. She was feeling pretty damn comfortable.

Since, it was a day when her ex had her kids– she decided “what the hell” might as well make the most of the grown up time she has and invites him to her place to watch a movie at the end of the night. They’d spent all day together, so she was feeling pretty secure with the idea.

During the movie, my sister falls asleep and later wakes up to find The Dude has STOLEN HER CAR, and laptop, and cell phone, and her son’s Nintendo DS!!! Wtf!

Thank God she was alive and unharmed. It sucks to have her car stolen but it sure brings things in to focus. Anything could have happened, and It could have happened to anybody. I’d like to think I’m more careful, but the truth is– I’ve just been lucky.

The Queen doesn’t live in a gigantic city with terrifying crime rates either… She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska for God’s sake.

To my sister’s advantage, The Dude was a total moron. He lefts mountains of evidence at her place and even told her his real name. After my sister reported him, they printed his picture on the front page of the paper. The Dude apparently thought this was very cool, cuz he snapped a pic and posted it on his Facebook! The cops caught him quickly (while he was driving her car!) and she got all her items returned. Still, it was a gigantic hassle and she was super blessed that she was not physically harmed in any way.

I can’t stop thinking about how this thing could have gone sideways in a more violent manner. I try to be aware and be careful how much info I give someone upon first meeting them, but the truth is, I rely a lot on intuition… and I’m sure The Queen of Everything does too. The Cops told her they were sure he hadn’t planned the robbery, since he left so much evidence. It was, in essence, a crime of opportunity. She let her guard down just for a little bit… and boom.

So, beware all my Foxy Ladies, and Stud Muffin’s out in the dating world… Part of dating is letting people in but remember, this could have happen to anyone. Watch your six!

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