Small Town Saturday Night

not sure exactly what -this- couple is looking at, since it's light outside

So, The Ambassador and I live in a small town. I would say a tiny town, but we have a Walmart therefore we are a class above the tiny towns. lol. There is no industry here and no real night life. They pretty much roll up the sidewalks before 10pm. There will be planned events now and then, but most nights it’s nothin’ but crickets chirpin’.

The Ambassador and I both work nutzo schedules… 12 hour shifts, weekends, etc. So, when we finally get an evening out, our choices are either make a 100 mile round trip drive to the city, or small town Saturday night.
Small towns are a beautiful thing in many ways, but I’ve found that dating requires some creativity. The Ambassador is quite good at this, as he’s adventurous and spontaneous. He once popped up at my house and asked if I could steal away. Luckily, my mother was visiting at the time so she listened for my kiddos, who were sleeping and we took off.

We drove just a bit outside of town and parked his truck… Then set up some camp chairs in the bed and looked up at the stars. This is redneck romance at it’s finest, and it works for me. We chatted, and shivered… We even found a flattened cardboard box in the back of the truck that we propped up to shield us from the wind. We chatted some more.

The chilly night air finally won out, and we headed back home. Just in time too, cuz my son had woken up and started vomiting just as I walked in the door. Ahhhhh romance, and the single mom.

Most recently we did a small town dinner and a movie. We walked in to our only Thai restaurant and sat down just after 7. We were immediately told they would be closing soon, but we were welcome none the less. We recognized the waitress. It’s a family run place and she is there ALL THE TIME. Seriously, every time we have ever been there– together or separately, she was there. We looked at each other, smiled, and asked her to wrap it up to-go.

Although, we do have a little movie theater with 2 screens, they offer only 1 showing a night at 7pm. They also quite often fill both theaters with films that feature talking animal secret agents. Talking animal secret agents make me want to poke out my own eyes, so we decided to stop by the Red Box instead. We lost our Blockbuster this summer, so Red Box is now our only option.

We grabbed a movie… I don’t even remember what it was, then headed back the house¬≠- ate, laughed, cuddled up during the movie. It was beautiful.

It was no super exciting, chic city club. It was no gourmet restaurant with a coat room and a cork fee. Hell, we weren’t even able to do a standard dinner and a movie due to the lameness of this town— but we had a fantastic time.

THIS is my every day kind of life. I think it’s so important to find a partner you can be happy with doing even the most mundane things– because that’s what most of our lives are…. or at least mine is. Occasionally, I get a great adventure, but mostly I’m going off to work, coming home from work, chasing kids around or trying to catch my breath from doing all that.

I decided long ago that I needed someone who could have a blast doing these mundane things… just like me– because that is your life. Every day, every moment. I try to live them all passionately. Not just the grand moments–ALL of them, and I need a partner that wants that too.

I love this every day life with The Ambassador in it. Feels like I’m hanging out with my best friend. Our energy has really evened out and I feel like we are on solid ground and even footing. He’s also fabulous with the every day little things… He opens doors. He brings in wood. He carries groceries. There are lots of kisses, lots of touches and hand holding galore.

We’ve got the every day life thing covered… Wonder how we’ll do on a grand adventure… Got one planned in just a few days!

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My Most Cherished Valentines Day Memory

Headed home after a long day of hustlin’ cell phones and satellite TV, I sighed as I turned the knob and stepped in to my place. I immediately stopped, my eyes grew wide and I tipped my head to the side.

There he was standing next to the table, surrounded by candles in the dim light of the evening. He was a tall drink o’ water, 6’2″, broad shoulders, and tan. He was freshly showered, hair slicked back and in a button down shirt.

My face moved in to a crooked grin. I’d never seen him like this before. He’s all dressed up and misty eyed.

Our dinner was beautifully displayed on the table. He’d cleaned and cooked and primped.

Every flat surface of my apartment seemed to be covered with white glowing candles… The sweet smell so perfectly balanced and dancing in the air.

He stepped forward to kiss me and take my hand. We had dinner and filled it with laughter and love. From there we moved to the next room, which was not far at all in my itsy bitsy place… He’d set up blankets and massage oils, and began to slowly peel off my clothing.

The music hummed and I fully relaxed, letting my self be molded by his large hands. It was an absolutely incredible night… We fell asleep with candles still burning. Some slowly dripping wax on to my furniture. Arms and legs tangled in the nude on his make shift massage bed.

To this day I’ll never forget the sight of him standing there as I stepped through the door.

Even today I walk past my old end table and turn my head to catch a glimpse of the wax still coating the lip of the table top. That was years ago and still, just a peak can take me right back to that day.

So, to my Fireman– that writer, dirt jumper, photographer, shameless flirt, and sentimental soul I fell so madly inexplicably drunken in love with¬≠–

I say –Thank you for that, Darling. Thank you. I was 31. You were 20, and despite our significant age different or the fact that we had SO little… really just a roof over our heads and barely enough groceries to cook that dinner… You gave me my most cherished Valentine’s Day memory ever. I’ll carry it with me always.

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Oh Romance, How I’ve Missed You

It struck me today how much I’ve missed romance. In the world of dating, some things are easy to get. You can get sex. You can get dinner, dates, and activities…. but romance? OOoooh, I don’t know… Romance freaks people out, ya know? Hell, if it arrives too fast, it freaks me out too. I think because romance involves feelings, and grows feelings.

I think the last time I experienced romance, I was with Captain Amazing. Now, keep in mind, when I say romance, I don’t mean songs written about me, poetry, or to be serenaded. Even the thought of a man reading poetry to me wiggs me out… **shivers** I guess I just remember my high sweetheart serenading me. It was just awkward, and right in my face. It was kind of awful… authentic and sweet, but awful. lol

No, I’m just a small town girl. When I think about romantic times with Captain Amazing, I think about going out to the gorgeous hippie bathhouse in the woods, and getting locked out in the cold after having run down icy steps to take a naked dip in the stream. That may not seem real romantic to you… to be locked out on a snowy deck in February, naked, shivering, and wet, but I’ll tell you what— I’ll NEVER forget it. It was adventurous and memorable and we were in it together. That MAKES a moment for me. In that moment, minus the panic of being locked out in the nude. I was completely comfortable. I was comfortable in what Captain Amazing and I were feeling together.

That was nearly a year ago now, and even though the romantic relationship thing didn’t work out with The Captain and I — I know I had a sense, even then, that we would be amazing friends for a very very long time.

Later when we spent the weekend together in a gorgeous hotel room in the pines, and I knew our interaction wasn’t “going anywhere”.. We weren’t traveling toward relationship land, but I was content and safe in what he felt for me. There was romance in sitting on the deck in our terry cloth robes, drinking champagne, talking and smoking cigarettes until late in to the night.

As The Captain and I became even more aware that we are simply not a match, we backed off the romantic stuff. I think somewhere deep down, we knew it would bond us closer together but the stupid logical obstacles of life would forever remain.

Still, I didn’t need all the “where is this going” junk for our time together to feel good. I was content, relaxed and happy because I knew how he felt about me. I knew when he kissed me, he meant it.
I had just that same kind of feeling tonight when The Ambassador walked up behind me, and slid his arms around my waist. After the realization… After all the talking, which had seemed like a vessel to send his feelings out in to the universe, I turned and looked up toward him and closed my eyes. In that moment, The Ambassador held me and kissed me with so much feeling I was almost swept away.

Slow dancing in the dark, wrapped in The Ambassador’s arms, I can see that my old friend romance has come home once again…. Hopefully he’ll stay a while longer this time.

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