Getting Some Answers

docSo I met with the Fantastic Eastern-Western medicine Doc the other day. I was surprised as I stepped in to her office. It was so modest. Just a tiny little two room place with an office, a tiny file room with a receptionist smashed in it, a patient room and a restroom. Nothing fancy about it at all… and buddhist flags strung all around.

She’s definitely my kind of Doctor. I heard her telling the patient before you “When you die, I want you to be happy because you have done ALL the things you wanted to do.” And that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it?

It was amazing to get some answers. She was so crazy smart she was talking at about 100 miles and hour and although I am pretty sharp, I could barely follow her. What I did pick up, though, was that my issue is most likely a combination of a thyroid condition and imbalance of my female hormones.

Even though we sat in her office during the entire visit, she did the most thorough exam I’ve had since this thing started. In fact, I am sure she is the only Doc that actually felt my thyroid… Which seemed somewhat off to her. Bumpy, I guess. Not a good sign, but I was right about that being an issue.

She also said that my hormones estrogen and progesterone were very low… in fact, what she said as that I had barely any at all. That’s funny… all the other Docs said I was “with in normal range”.

Balance. It sounds fairly simple, but unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case. I have some more tests to do for her but I am optimistic. We are headed in the right direction.

She also noticed my iron level was extremely high. It was supposed to be within a range with like 140 at the highest, and mine was 400!!

The most distressing thing about it was that she was reading blood test that another care provider had run, and NO ONE had ever said anything to me about it. So, now the incredible Doctor is also on a mission to find the cause and resolve the iron issue as well.

*Exhale* I can’t explain the relief I felt talking to a Doctor of the mindset… anxiety is not a diagnosis, and it’s definitely not a natural state for the body to be in. There has got to be a reason.

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Super Surprise Phone Call After a Bummer of a Day

phone callIt all started out pretty good. I had an appointment with an incredible Doctor in a town about 35 minutes away. She is a magical diagnostician and certified in internal medicine. I have also heard from many that she is one the very few and elite brand of caregivers who actually cares about you. I was excited to see…

Well, maybe I was more nervous than excited. My son was out of school sick and going to go with me. I took my chill pills plenty of time in advance, and we walked out the door even a little early.

As soon on to the freeway, it all changed. I was so tense you’d have thought I a woman of steel. Every exit we passed, I wanted to get OFF. All I could think about was how I was getting further and further away from home and the longer I drove, the longer it would take to get back home.

My little 8-year-old son was being terrific. He’s such a great kid.
Making conversation, and acting like he didn’t notice that I was completely distracted by my own racing thoughts as my hands gripped the wheel with deadly force.

Eventually, after going as far as I felt I could roll with the tightness in my chest, so I finally exited and started to tell my little man I had to turn around and miss the appointment.

He replied “Oh, don’t turn around Mommy, you made a plan.”

I looked at him and said “You’re right.. I’ll tell you what, there’s another exit up here a ways. We keep going but if I am still feeling this way by the time we get there, I’ll have to turn around.”

He agreed, and off we went, back on to the damn freeway. The anxiety did not subside, and I ended up turning around. So proud of my little boy being so patient, and encouraging with me.

I made only about half way to the town where my appointment was scheduled, but I swear sometimes I have so much damn anxiety it feels like I can’t get enough anti-anxiety meds in to my body to calm the hell down.

I was disappointed and kind of kicking myself… even a little embarrassed but I called the office and told them honestly what had happened. Part of what’s going on with me is that I am having some intense anxiety, and I let them know I could only make it half way and had to turn around.

They were kind and declined to charge me the cancellation fee, even though I offered to gladly pay it. Unfortunately this amazing Doctor is very busy through February and traveling to China to see her parents. I couldn’t get another appointment until March.

I sighed, and said “ok, God, I guess that’s what is supposed to happen.”

Shockingly, about an hour later the Doctor herself called me up. She said she’s concerned about me since she wouldn’t be able to see me for such a long time and I have been having this extreme anxiety.

She asked me a few questions, called the lab where I had recently had work done and got all that information. She wanted to make sure that they were looking for the right things. She is apparently the wizard if lab work. Then she wrote up orders for more blood tests, looking for the right things I guess, and mailed them off to me.

I was so impressed and feelings so blessed. This woman is surely just as amazing as all the other people who’ve recommended her said she was. I’m excited to work with her.

So far, previous blood tests have yielded no answers, and I am fairly certain my primary caregiver was encouraging me to just give up looking… of course thinking it’s “just anxiety”… but I call BS. Something is going on and she’s not looking in the right place yet. She ran a second round of tests, adding things I don’t know why she didn’t just run in the first damn place.

My nurse friend is convinced it’s either thyroid, hormones, or adrenals… easy as that. AND if there is something there.. this new Doc will find it.

These days I’m fairly convinced I have a thyroid condition… specifically over active thyroid, since it’s caused me to lose like 15 lbs in 1 month. That’s put me at a frail 90 lbs. Seriously, I don’t look well. I lost something like 14% of my already slim body weight in one month! It’s a little frightening. Plus, the tachycardia and any number of other symptoms that I won’t bore you with.

All these issues have obviously put a cramp in my dating life. Not that I had much going on in that department lately, anyway. Still, when you get sick like this… to the point where you can’t function in your daily life, like go to work, or pop in to the grocery store with any level of comfort. It shakes up your priorities a bit.

Still, with everything that’s going on… even with my failure to make it to that appointment– Today was a GOOD day!

Thank God for extraordinary people.

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Wading Through It

more love!!

more love!!

Every day has just been miserable lately. I’m drowning in mood swings, anxiety, fear, cold spells, complete loss of appetite, fatigue…. and on and on.. a whole slew of symptoms conspiring to just straight wreck my life.

This morning I get up and I can not get the fire going to save my life. For some reason the bath is barely luke warm, which is no fun when lately, I’m pretty much freezing all the time anyway. I’m so depressed… I sit in the tub and cry.

I somehow pull it together, take a chill pill and go to work. When I get there though, I am feeling quite emotional. I find my nurse friend there changing shifts and I am sure that was God’s design. I badly needed to hear what she had to say. She talked to me about an incredible internist she had recommended to me. Although that Doc sounded amazing, I just wasn’t sure I could swing it. She doesn’t bill our insurance and charges $160 an hour for an office visit. PLUS, she practices in a town that’s about a 40 minute drive in to the snowy mountains. Damn, I can barely handle the anxiety I have just driving 2 miles to work in the snow. *sigh*

Still, my nurse friend pressed about this internist and I decided I would certainly google her and call to try and get an appointment. “You need her because she’ll look at everything. If there is something wrong, she’ll find it… and I really think it’s more than just the progesterone.”

I was so shocked. I felt like no one else on the planet believed that but me. The Nurse has been with me through this whole thing. She knows the kind of symptoms I should experience coming off the progesterone, or if the progesterone was too high a dose. She knows what level my anxiety was at when I started to investigate this stuff five months ago, and she knows what I am going through now.

She even offered to go to the appointment with me. (even though she knows how wierd I am about riding in the car with other people.. she put it out there. I cried.) I SO BADLY needed the affirmation she gave me. It was like a long relaxing breath. I hugged her tight and she was on her way home.

As my other shift partners and I chatted about my internal chaos, another of them offered to drive me in her 4 wheel drive. She also knew about my wierd quirk not wanting to ride in the car with someone else. This made me laugh… of course with tears in my eyes. Much crying these days.

I worked a half a day and then came home and had a seriously crazy productive sick day. I reminded myself that I committed to resolving this imbalance, whatever it was and that means investing time and money. Whatever it takes. So I pulled some money out of my retirement account to cover any costs I might incur, and marched ahead.

I filled out intake forms for the Incredible Internist, who, from her website, looks to be the asian medical Sherlock Holmes with pig tails and a smile. My kinda gal… got the forms sent off attached to a short email that would pull at anyone’s heart strings. I even called for an appointment, but had to leave a message.

Also filled out forms for another Doc who will hopefully become my primary care physician here locally. I haven’t had a primary care physician since I was pregnant. If I was sick or something, I went to the walk in clinic. Turns out a primary care Doc is like insurance… You need one just in case. Who knew? lol

Then I filled out a giant stack of forms to hopefully get re-imbursed for all the therapy sessions with my counselor who won’t bill my insurance either… and sent em off.

*sigh* Feels good to have that stuff taken care of.

I have to say.. I miss writing about love, romance and relationships but in this place on my journey… I just can’t deal with that. I can’t imagine meeting someone, or even having a certain someone come back around. I can barely handle getting to work in the morning. Everything feels anxious and scary to me. I can’t even fathom taking my clothes off with someone. The way my adrenaline has been pumping, I might actually scream and run! (That says a LOT if you know what a naughty girl I am. lol)

I’ll get back there some day though… probably sooner than I think. Right???

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Scrambled Egg Brains Persist

At this point all my projects are completely on hold. My brain is so foggy and it’s so impossible to concentrate, I can’t read or write the blog or do my “Captivating” workbook.

In the last post I mentioned a Super Charged Panic Attack… The worst I’ve ever had, well… I had another about a week later that put that one to shame, and this one happened AT WORK. That freaked me the hell out. I mean, I work emergency situations. I’m manning the radio one minute and the next minute I’m screaming at the Supervisor to take over. My stomach was freaking out and I ran in to the bathroom. In addition to my bowel chaos, I was experiencing the most horrific panic attack I could possibly imagine.

Even with meds for my stomach and to chill me out, it took me like an hour and a half just to calm down enough to leave work to go home sick. Luckily, we were staffed that day, but there are plenty of other days when that’s not the case and there’s no supervisor on duty to yell at.

Even the next day I was shaking and feeling awful, so I called in to work. I got it in to my head that maybe my heart was causing the problems, so I went to see the Doc again. They found nothing abnormal. Big surprise, since I had to take plenty of chill pill meds just to be able to get myself to go over there in there first place.

I was just so distraught… scared. Frustrated. I’ve been going to the walk in clinic here in our little town for years… I mean, I rarely get sick and so had no reason to find myself a regular doctor. Now, I’m trying to find one, or get in the OBGYN I haven’t seen in years and years… all I keep hearing is 3 or 4 weeks.

My therapist was going to call the internist and try to get me in earlier, but when I called to chat with him about it, we kind of got in to an argument. I started to become really upset trying to explain the frustration I was feeling in trying to book myself an appointment and he actually says “I need you to use your adult voice”.

I was so angry and offended. How condescending is that? AND with all the hormonal and whatever other possibly thyroid or adrenal issues I’ve grappling with — that’s like demanding that a diabetic STOP his glucose from rising. I was pissed.

The whole thing ended badly and I called my Mom. She, of course, just told me she understands. She’s been through something similar. She loves me and everything will be ok.

After being able to get my emotions out, I could finally take a breath and try to make a plan about what to do.

Right now… my life just feels like an enormous anxious mess.

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Short Relationship Reads

As I have scrambled egg brains these days, due to the hormone hysteria my body is experiencing… I thought I’d share some of the interesting short reads I’ve come across online.

Here’s one about men and emotional intimacy…

“With world population well over six billion, it seems strange to think anyone could be lonely” — a quote from this next article “Celebrating Love Without Limits”

Living Single in a Marriage Minded society

How to Choose a Life Partner

Great Expectations: The Soul Mate Quest

Happy surfing everyone!

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***Under Pressure***

Balance your hormones, balance your life!

Balance your hormones, balance your life!

So, I am dealing with the standard holiday times stresses, worries about heating costs and shopping and wrapping gifts… only this year I get to do it while on a completly horrifying hormone highway to hell.

I had been noticing a few little things here and there… like not being able to focus. Remember my previous post talking about starting tasks and then not finishing them completely? Then all of sudden it hit me like surprise junk punch— I had the most insane crazed panic attack I’ve ever experienced when I was supposed to be headed to my daughter’s dance recital.

I called my therapist and had an emergency intervention. This was an incredibly powerful panic attack, and the first one I can ever remember where I was actually full on in tears.. wracked with sobs. We did a couple little excercises to try to burn off some of the excess energy flowing through my viens.. then burned up the rest of the time with me rattling off my syptoms. It was SO SO incredibly uncomfortable… I was just crawlin’ out of my skin. SUPER SONIC ANXIETY — The Heebee Jeebs, for sure! It was awful…

As my therapist watched me pacing, and crying– he suggested it might be a hormone issue. This later sparked conversation with my incredible shift partners at work and one of them lent me “Hormone Balance Made Simple” by Dr. John Lee.

It took me a couple days but I finally realized what was happening. In July I started a progesterone cream my Doc recommended but it was an enormous 200 mg dose. The book said that if you take an over dose of progesterone cream, you will initially start seeing an improvement in the symptoms… but then at some point that stops and it excacerbates your imbalance. THAT is what was happening to me!

The lack of concentration just got way worse… The anixety was absolutely intolerable… super sonic! This kind of panic must be what people feel when they go crazy inside a hospital ER knocking things over and screaming and eventually being tackled and given a stiff shot of Haldol! It feels like a crazed emergency in side your chest!

Luckily I had a few Xanax but they just were cutting it so I went back to my Physician Assistant to talk about getting some help. What a nightmare that was… If I had come in unkempt, they probably would have thought me to be a homeless unmedicated schitzophrenic. I paced through the waiting room, avoiding eye contact, rocking back and forth… I did let them know I was having incredibly high anxiety, but even knowiing that — I musta looked nuts!

He gave me another prescription for a little stronger chill pill… Then I finally heard back from the people at the hormone clinic who had prescriped the overdose, and they advised I stop taking the cream for a week… then start again at a half dose.

I think this will give my body time to burn off the excess progesterone and hopefully find some balance with the much smaller dose.

For now I am a droopy eyed, slightly sedated woman who can’t concentrate. I don’t mind feeling sedated considering the Heebee jeebies as an alternative. *shivers* So, now I have to catch up on my life in this state.

You see, it takes an awful lot of energy to be this anxious so I had been exhausted and unable to pry my ass off the couch to clean up the last couple weeks.

Second day off the progesterone I managed to get most of the cleaning done. Next day I worked a 12 hour shift and made a dent in Christmas shopping. Today I managed to finish all the main gift buying… Now just a couple details left to pick up.. plus some family pix and christmas cards.

I just keep putting one groggy foot in front of the other… but beware… if you see a tiny little pixie of a zombie coming towards you in Walmart, don’t shoot.. It’s only me.

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Stalled on Relationship Road

excuses, excuses

excuses, excuses

Ok, peeps…  My apologies for this late published post.  It’s the first time in a very, very long time that I’ve not posted on schedule.  Three times a week.. Tues, Thurs, Sun 9am.  Usually, I have posts lined up to publish, sometimes 6 weeks ahead.  Not today though.

Lately, I’ve been working through a lot of really intense feelings about men, women and relationships.  I’ve been working through a lot of hurts left over from my divorce and childhood…  Daddy issues, divorce and abandonment issues…  BIG stuff.  Well, I keep getting part way through a particular defining moment and then sidetracked and derailed…   then comes the procrastination.

This pattern seems to be happening in several areas of my life.  For instance, the house work.  I’ve been putting it off a bit, but then I’ll work on it some but never get fully caught up.  Stalled, until it feels chaotic and a bit overwhelming.

I find that I’ve got so much to worry about these days… with the winter weather, and holidays coming and all.  It’s a lot for a single Mom to manage.  Remember last year?

Especially with children expecting the magic of Santa.  That’s a lot of pressure on a single mom!  Today I joked with my shift partners that I shoulda broke the news to the kids all at once—  “Kids, we’re leaving your father…  and by the way there’s no Santa!”

I can’t help thinking it’s all related.  I feel like I’ve got pregnancy brain… so many things to worry about that my sponge is full and things are getting forgotten.  AND it’s a vicious cycle, because the more I forget, the more stressed I feel, the more I forget… etc etc.

I think that’s why I’ve procrastinated the dang blog posts until I eventually just ran out of time.  With all these overwhelming issues, I feel stalled on relationship road.  In more ways than one.  I haven’t had a date in like 6 months… haven’t even been asked out on a date in all that time either.  *rolls eyes*  Talk about stalled.

I’m choosing it though.  I chose to take myself off the market, hunker down and do this therapy stuff.  I have to remind myself some time.  I guess I’m also choosing when I procrastinate or leave chores half-finished too.

Anyways….  There’s all my excuses for missing my own deadline.  lol.   Catch you Sunday!

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A Big Fat Christian Love Story

As I’ve been growing and growing and growing like crazy in my spiritual walk, I have decided I want to do the whole relationship thing a totally different way this time.  I want to do it God’s way… whatever that means.

For all my life I have watched people trying to do the dating, relationship and marriage thing the way the world does it…  and fail miserably at it, myself included.  In the people I know and love, I see more failing than succeeding.

So, I set about trying to figure out what that means.  I searched the bible and read and read about marriage and sex before marriage and all kinds of stuff related to that.  I found that often when I was googling questions I saw the same scripture verse recycled over and over again, interpreted to mean what they wanted it to mean.  I saw people with blog posts who were WAY too conservative to align with my beliefs.  I read a few that cause me to choke on my coffee and exclaim “that’s just ridiculous!” out loud.

In trying to settle my thoughts and beliefs on this issue, I realized…  I had no idea what a “christian” love story even looks like.. for me, I mean.  I’m no 20 year old girl raised by super holy rollers.  That I can visualize, but I am a 35 year old double divorcee!

The way our culture does relationships…  dating, sex, relationship, live together, engagement, marriage…  That I can picture.  I’ve seen it happen a thousand times over, but what is the alternative?

I asked a few people and didn’t get much help, although my girlfriend The Pastor’s Wife did offer a valuable tidbit.  “It has to be a Christian” she said… and boy is she right, because no one else is going to want to do this.  lol.

So far, what I do know is I want to remain celibate until marriage, and no living together in between.  These two things alone are pretty scary to me.  I realize it is shrinking my dating pool down significantly, but I don’t want to date a lot of people… just the right one.

Next thing you know I see a christian divorcee girlfriend of mine post on Facebook that she is getting remarried.  I trust her and she and I have been through a lot.  I’ve known her for years.  I’ve known her as my customer, my bank teller, my co-worker, my employee, my friend.  We have talked through marriage, emotional abuse, custody issues, leaving your husband, moving out-of-state.  I even gave her a shining reference for her new job in a new state after she chose to leave.

Since we had been through all this… I decided I could spray her with questions and not feel badly about it at all.

Her reply to me was this…

-Is he a christian? Yes he is. Though a new Christian. He has jumped right in and is volunteering and is there every time the doors are open.

-How did you meet him? I met him on an online dating site. Do I recommend? No.. but it does happen.

-Is there an age difference? I am 32 he is 35

-How long have you been together? 5 months. Crazy huh? But, we just knew it was meant to be! Plus we are older and know what we are looking for. It was each other!!

-At what point did you realize this was really working out and actually headed for marriage? About 2 months into it. He was really hesitant to even get with me and be in a relationship. Once he committed it flew from there.

-How did he propose? We just decided to get married. No one really proposed. We just knew we were meant to be together for the rest of our lives.

-Does this situation feel differently than the first time around? in what way?

-How do you know this time is going to be different from the first time? (this question always comes back to me when I think about getting married again one day. How on earth will I know I’m not signing up for the same kind of heartbreak and problems I had last time?)

I prayed one day “God I just want someone who fits in my life. I am a single mom that is very busy. I work a lot, I’m active in the boys school life, I’m active in church, I have no time for a relationship. If I am ever going to get married he has to fit.” I had no area of my life I wanted to cut out or slow down. So it was going to have to be a God thing for it to work. He came around and just “fit”. He was willing and even excited to be apart of the things I was doing.

When he met my family, he was the first guy since my ex-husband my family had met, they thought.. wow this must be serious… and I wasn’t even sure it was going to be at this point. But, they fell in love with him.

The next weekend I met his family, His mom has never liked anyone he brought home, she fell in love with me and told him “she is the best thing that has ever happened to you, don’t mess it up or hurt her” and we have been one super close family ever since.

Both our families LOVE each other.. my boys ADORE him.. Cadence, God found my missing puzzle piece.. and it was him. He just “fits”.

-How do I know it’s different? Because it’s God not me.. I don’t know what the future holds. I just know divorce is not an option. I am going to work harder and be a wife to him as if I’m doing it until the Lord. My attitude is different, my beliefs are different and my approach is different. The only way Brian and I will make it for the next 10000 years, is to put Jesus first. Period!

When I finally surrendered all hurts, jealousy, pain, bitterness, and most of all unforgiveness, of myself and others, God did a miracle in me. He gave me a new heart. A heart that feels, that cries, that is merciful, soft, and has grace. I have emotions I’ve never had before. I don’t have walls or a hard anything about me anymore. I am vulnerable and I love it. I have no problem saying “wow that really hurt”. I don’t have to be tough anymore. When someone hurts me I cry.. I tell them.. then I pray. I’m not a jerk anymore.

It’s too exhausting to keep yourself locked up and out of hurts reach. God has really shown me what it is like to be human.. and I love it. He shows me people through his eyes and it is amazing how different people are than how they portray themselves.

Soooo…  that’s it.  My girl’s big fat christian love story.  I can picture it now.  I was also struck because it sounds like she has gone through a lot of the same healing that I’ve been going through.  I understand getting my emotions back, and the crying… Oh, so much crying over the past few months!

Much to think about though.  A few of the things in her reply kind of gave me pause..  more to come!

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Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart:  Discovering the secret of Man’s soul by John Eldredge.  This book is the sort of male counterpart to Captivating (which I covered in my last post).  Also a life changing book.  I wish every man I know would read this book.  I found it so incredibly insightful, and empowering.  AND–  Ladies, if you want to understand your man… or your father or your sons… check this out.

I read this book once, then the woman’s version Captivating and I am seriously thinking about going to one of the retreats they offer.  I have no doubt it would be an incredibly healing experience, but I am leary of thrusing myself in to such an emotionally intense situation with a bunch of strangers.  I do, however, intend to read both these books again and journal my way through the Captivating workbook.

Everything made so much sense to me in understanding a man’s drive for adventure, but also the withdrawal and passivity I have seen in men I’ve loved.  Amazing book!  I gained, not just a whole new understanding of the male gender but also a whole new RESPECT.  Here’s Amazon’s description:

Every man was once a boy.  And every little has dreams, big dreams,  dreams of being the hero, of beating the bad guys, of doing daring feats and rescuing the damsel in distress. Every little girl has dreams, too: of being rescued by her prince and swept up into a great adventure, knowing that she is the beauty.

But what happens to those dreams when we grow up? Walk into most churches, have a look around, and ask yourself: What is a Christian man?  Without listening to what is said, look at what you find there. Most Christian men are . . . bored.

John Eldredge revises and updates his best-selling, renowned Christian classic, Wild at Heart, and in it invites men to recover their masculine heart, defined in the image of a passionate God. And he invites women to discover the secret of a man’s soul and to delight in the strength and wildness men were created to offer.  John Eldredge is the director of Ransomed Heart Ministries.

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Captivating:  Unvieling the mystery of a woman’s soul by John and Stasi Eldredge.  Another book to add to my list of great and fabulous books!  This one was fantastic!  A change your life kind of book.  It discusses what a woman is to God, how beauty enhances the world, and why the world can be so incredibly difficult for women.

Although it is a christian book, I didn’t find it the least bit conventional or chauvenistic.  I found it exciting, deep, meaningful and incredibly encouraging.  Often times I was in complete awe at how revealing it was!  It covered even taboo topics like abortion, and rape.  The authors lay thier hearts, their wounds, and thier lives wide open for all to see.  I can’t imagine how much courage it took to put that all in print!  This is my kind of spirituality!  Here’s how describes it:

Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the beauty of the story. Those desires are far more than child’s play. They are the secret to the feminine heart.

And yet―how many women do you know who ever find that life? As the years pass by, the heart of a woman gets
pushed aside, wounded, buried. She finds no romance except in novels, no adventure except on television, and she doubts very much that she will ever be the Beauty in any tale.
Most women think they have to settle for a life of efficiency and duty, chores, and errands, striving to be the women they “ought” to be but often feeling they have failed. Sadly, too many messages for Christen women add to the pressure. “Do these ten things, and you will be a godly woman.” The effect has not been good on the feminine soul.
But her heart is still there. Sometimes when she watches a movie, sometimes in the wee hours of the night, her heart begins to speak again. A thirst rises within her to find the life she was meant to live―the life she dreamed of as a little girl.
The message of Captivating is this: Your heart matters more than anything else in all creation. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel as a woman are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come now as the Hero of your story, to rescue your heart and release you to live as a fully alive and feminine woman. A woman who is truly captivating.
If your heart has been wounded — like mine–  and your heart is open to spiritual matters, you have to check out this book!  It’s a masterpiece for healing broken hearts.
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