A Bit About Cadence

Name: Cadence Harper (lol.. duh——————————–>)
Age: 41
Birthday: November 16
Zodiac sign: Scorpio through and through
Born: Salt Lake City, Utah
Currently live: Backwoods Mountain town in FAR Northern California
Profession: Law Enforcement Dispatcher –small town
Height: 4’10” (no, I’m not kidding)
Weight: a sultry curvy none of your business
Hair color: Medium brown
Eye color: Dazzling blue
Tattoos: Blazing sun between my shoulder blades and a scorpion on my right hip.
Piercings: Just ears. I once had my brow pierced but that was a disaster. I’ve been told “maybe that’s cuz you sleep on your face!” *shrug* whatever… wasn’t meant to be.
Personality: Outgoing, and dynamic… Passionate and quick to laugh.
Most important thing in the world: People
All time fav quote:

Life gives each of us three great friends, three great enemies, three great teachers, and three great loves… But these 12 are hidden and we can not tell which is which until we have loved them, left them, or fought them.

I’m a single mom, twice divorced, 2 fantastico kiddos from my second marriage. I grew up the oldest of three daughters born to The Gypsy woman, a nickname earned by her insatiable wanderlust and strong psychic type intuition.  She spent all my childhood years as an undiagnosed bi-polar.  My therapist has referred to her as “out of control”.  We moved all the time, never staying in one place for more than two years.

When I think back about my childhood, I see my mother as a single mom and she was most of the time– in between relationships and multiple marriages. She’s currently on husband number 6, who has somehow managed to hang on to her more than 15 years.

I don’t regret my adventures being raised by The Gypsy Woman even for a minute… It’s molded me in to a deep, textured woman with loads of life experience and an accepting soul. I lead with my heart and have continued to build myself a fascinating life. I spent 4 years in the Marines. I went to college for a couple years, played the stay at home Mom bit, even started a business and later watched it crash.

I’ve traveled all over this great country– Enough to have seen LA, NY, LV, DC, SF and many others… I’ve sat on a jury during a murder trial. I’ve transported an ex-boyfriend to jail, and visited a different one in jail some 15 yrs later. In between those two experiences, I was married to a cop for 10 years. My life has been a kaleidoscope of experiences.

I’ve now found a profession that I absolutely love, and have begun to focus more on my writing. I’ve started a book, and have plans galore.  I’m a Christian (although a slightly unconventional one) and have lately turned my heart even more toward the Lord and my personal walk with Christ.  I see my purpose in life to love everyone God puts in my path, and share my story through this gift for writing he’s given me.

My life is chalk full of friends, work, kids, pets, music, books, movies, love and so many other things. It’s an amazing wonderful life… I’m uber happy, but I would love to find a soul-mate and partner to walk beside me.  I’m looking for a deep meaningful bond, a real love that isn’t afraid to weather life’s inevitable storms.

I’ve traveled down some damn rocky relationship roads but learned all along the way. I do my best not to give advice. I’m certainly no expert. I’ve stumbled many times along the way.  So I just share my own story.   I’m out there trying to figure it all out, and hang on to my bliss in the process.

It’s been several years since I’ve posted at this point.  My life has changed in many ways but I’d like to get out and reconnect in the blogosphere.  SO, here I am.  I’m back, baby!

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  1. Cadence, I just about discovered your blog and the rest here was well worth the while.

    A very candid and fascinating Introduction here.

    I look forward to revisiting for more readings. You have a new reader.

    • Yeahhhh, I love new readers! Glad you found me. 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Awesome Blog Content Award!

    Get details on how to pay it forward to other blogs you love and claim your award here:


  3. Pink comment your blog…you have a new friend…Walter

  4. and….congratulations!

  5. Fabulous About page.

    • Well, thank you. That’s me.. Fabulous. 😉 Always nice to see a new face in comments. Welcome!

  6. Your blog is amazing. i nominated it for the very inspiring blogger award. 🙂

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