Getting Some Answers

docSo I met with the Fantastic Eastern-Western medicine Doc the other day. I was surprised as I stepped in to her office. It was so modest. Just a tiny little two room place with an office, a tiny file room with a receptionist smashed in it, a patient room and a restroom. Nothing fancy about it at all… and buddhist flags strung all around.

She’s definitely my kind of Doctor. I heard her telling the patient before you “When you die, I want you to be happy because you have done ALL the things you wanted to do.” And that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it?

It was amazing to get some answers. She was so crazy smart she was talking at about 100 miles and hour and although I am pretty sharp, I could barely follow her. What I did pick up, though, was that my issue is most likely a combination of a thyroid condition and imbalance of my female hormones.

Even though we sat in her office during the entire visit, she did the most thorough exam I’ve had since this thing started. In fact, I am sure she is the only Doc that actually felt my thyroid… Which seemed somewhat off to her. Bumpy, I guess. Not a good sign, but I was right about that being an issue.

She also said that my hormones estrogen and progesterone were very low… in fact, what she said as that I had barely any at all. That’s funny… all the other Docs said I was “with in normal range”.

Balance. It sounds fairly simple, but unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case. I have some more tests to do for her but I am optimistic. We are headed in the right direction.

She also noticed my iron level was extremely high. It was supposed to be within a range with like 140 at the highest, and mine was 400!!

The most distressing thing about it was that she was reading blood test that another care provider had run, and NO ONE had ever said anything to me about it. So, now the incredible Doctor is also on a mission to find the cause and resolve the iron issue as well.

*Exhale* I can’t explain the relief I felt talking to a Doctor of the mindset… anxiety is not a diagnosis, and it’s definitely not a natural state for the body to be in. There has got to be a reason.

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