Back on Track

cp1_cp2_0115002253I am back at work tonight… FINALLY. I would say I’m thrilled except I’m assigned to graveyard shifts again. ugh… Still, it feels damn good to be able to function better.

Even though my primary care giver has found me no answers yet, she did get me on some meds to help with some of the anxiety and mood swing symptoms. It took several weeks to get here but I am glad to be somewhat productive again.

I love my job, and I am so incredibly blessed to work for an agency that doles out the time off like it’s going out of style. I used up all my sick time and then some but it was still only about a third of the time off I have saved up over the last 2 1/2 years.

If this had happened in my last job managing a Radio Shack, I’d probably be fired, broke and losing my house at this point. SO many things to be thankful for… All the dispatchers on my team have been covering my shifts without one negative word. They are calling to check in on me and hoping I’m getting better. No pressure on me to come back until I was ready and today was the day. **exhale**

Hopefully the level of calm I am experiencing today continues. I am almost half way through my 12 hour shift, it’s about 1am and I am sooo tired but also smiling. I jumped right back in without even forgetting a password.

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  1. I hope all goes well for you. It seems to strange to say this since I don’t know you, of course, but there are people out here rooting for you. We have faith in you and hope things will get better.

    Keep smiling.

    And just as importantly, keep writing

    • Thank you, Traveler. This thing, whatever it is, really stopped me in my tracks.

  2. I’m so glad to hear you are feeling better! I’ve been worried about you from afar. ❤

    • Still no answers yet but atleast I can get back to work. Thats a huge relief.

  3. So great to hear that you’re getting back on your feet again. That’s incredibly important. Really. Step by step. It’s not easy. Great pic by the way!

    • Thanks Pink. Whatever this is it stopped me in my tracks. It feels like a huge setback but all we can do is live whats in front of us today and try to keep moving forward.

      • Greetings!!! Soooo relieved to hear from you! I’ve been like, so worried! Do keep us posted! We care and worry about you!!

  4. I know I haven’t been online to say so as much lately, life here has gotten so crazy, but you’re always in my thoughts and prayers! Your honesty on this journey is so inspiring. It really is. Glad you’re back at work. If you ever need someone to chat with you can always hit me up on my gmail…

    • Thanks so much, Tiff. Your optimism has really been a blessing to me as we have emailed in the past.

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