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Hey readers, and blogger friends. I just wanted to check in. I realize I’ve pulled a Houdini the last few weeks… I had, sort of, a medical complication.

I was at working, working the radio while my shift partner was in the restroom, when suddenly I felt like my blood was boiling and I thought maybe I might vomit… Still, the most disturbing symptoms was what felt like SEVERE panic and shortness of breath.

I yelled to the Supervisor and took off, heading for the bathroom just outside the communications center. I don’t know how long I was in there but I know I was using every energy cell in my body to keep breathing and try to calm the fuck down.

Since then I had several episodes like this. I went to our local walk in clinic, and even the local ER but I was getting the blow off. They just thought I had a run of the mill panic attack… but I know something was wrong. I’m quite experienced with run of the mill panic attack.

They doled out some benzos without even taking my pulse, then sent me on my way.

Next a whole slew of symptoms hit me… lack of appetite, rapid weight loss, intolerance to hot and cold and crazed anxiety, among other things. I couldn’t go back to work and then depression hit me like speeding bullet train. I have been unable to function in my own life for weeks now.

The walk in clinic dished out some antidepressants, with a total lack of interest… but I was not satisfied. I know my body and something more is going on here.

I finally got with a care provider who seemed to take me seriously. She was very thorough ordering tests for what seemed like everything she could think of that could be causing the symptoms. AND someone finally listened to my heart. Guess what- TACHYCARDIA. “You definitely have tachycardia,” she said “and I heard it change gears several times.”

All this medical stuff… all these symptoms, have kept me out of work for something like 3 or 4 weeks. Just been trying to get the symptoms under control. I feel like I have finally done that… Now tomorrow… test results.

What will they find?

Or possibly worse, what if they don’t find anything and just tell me “eh, it’s all in your head. You must have had a nervous break down.” Ughhhh.

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  1. It’s possible that your body switches into SVT (supraventricular tachycardia), which causes the symptoms, and then your body is readjusting to a normal sinus rhythm again. Or maybe your potassium is off and you’re throwing PVCs. See what they find out and then follow up with a cardiologist. Don’t waste any more time with a regular clinic if it’s your heart.

    • Def done with walk in clinics… have a regular Doc now. She is being very thorough and I’m happy with her. Will see cardiologist is she recommends but she wants to see results of blood teats first and I’m on board with that. :). Thanks for your concern & advice tho.

  2. I was just thinking about you, wondering if all was OK. Thanks for checking in! And always trust your gut that something is not right, and don’t take no for an answer! Hang in there.

    Sometime, we are running along such parallels that I can hardly believe it!

    • Thanks Monogomist… I’m trusting my gut!

  3. Keep on advocating for what you know to be true, unique and different with your bodily symptoms. You are your best expert, so keep on pushing until you get the answers that ring true. Hugssss


    • Always supportive, Pink.. & I love how u wrote “until u get the answers that ring true”… hopefully I dont get buried by medical bills in the mean time.

      • Awww… haha…. well, it’s definitely a challenge to balance both wellness and finances. Have you tried group therapy? It works in some cases and can be more cost effective, depending on the uniqueness of your circumstances of course. I just started a grief recovery group based on the Grief Recovery Handbook by John James and Russell Friedman, completing the cycle of grieving for lost relationships, etc.. its very interesting… you may wish to consider it.. 😀

      • Never done group therapy… not many options for that here. Too small of a town. Besides, I’m sure there is a medical issue. More & more convinced it may be thyroid…. Gotta keep pressing forward.

      • Yes, keep advocating for what you think might be the cause!

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