Chat With The Drug Cop

The other day I had to drive out of town for a training class.  It was a pretty much miserable experience, since my anxiety was highly flared up all day long, and the heinous woman at work who hates me was there…  One thing was kind of  cool though.

I have mentioned the drug cop before.  He’s tall, blond, muscular and incredibly handsome.   He also serviced in The Marine Corps.  Since we have that in common, I think he feels kind of connected to me.  We have had 2 or 3 great chats.

It seemed like a hundred people filed in to a room with long tables and a collapsable screen for boring slides to assist the lecturers.  The room filled up fast and eventually I ended up sitting next to one gal I like, and on the other side of her was Mz. Hienous.  I’m sure Mz. Hienous was not happy about that either.  Still, she settled in.

Before the class got started The Drug Cop came over and knelt down between the tables chatting with me, close enough to touch.  He asked what shift I was on and told me he noticed he hadn’t heard me on the radio.  We chatted about his upcoming transfer and he mentioned his ex.

It didn’t take long after he left that Mz. Heinous bailed out of there and managed to find a seat smashed in the back corner of the room.  I nearly laughed out loud at that.  Ooooh do they hate me.  Ha-ha jealous bitches.

I made sure to go by and chat with The Drug Cop a couple more times just to piss them off.  He was pretty open about himself, his relationship with his ex and kind of why they split.  Turns out he’s not transfering very far away at all….  I have to say, I was surprised how familiar he acted.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d tried to exchanged numbers or something.  He didn’t though.

My thoughts–  He is one crazy sexy man but he smells like t-r-o-u-b-l-e!  aaaand he’s not all that funny.

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  1. Great to hear from you again and your lovely meanderings in love 😀

    • Always great to see your comments, Pink.

  2. Maybe he was assessing your interest with his personal comments and if he gets a chance will ask for your number? OR you could take the cop by the horns (so to speak!) and give him yours!!? 😉

    PS how unfunny is he? Funny is important, I think.. Sexy and trouble is fun but you need humour or they just get annoying after awhile huh

    • Well, it was a fun & surprising exchange but I’ve been purposely staying out of the dating scene while I’m working this therapy stuff. Plus I don’t want to “manufacture” anything. Trying ro just do my thing & let the cards fall where they may.

      • You go girl, I love how you try to get things sorted and make your life better x

      • Thanks a million. Glad to see ur comments, as always.

  3. cheers! … and let the cards fall! (but don’t quite close the door on Drug Cop!:)

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