Rumor Has It

One of the gals I work may be developing a pattern with me that, I have to admit, I really don’t mind. If nothing else, it makes me smile.

The first time I noticed it was when I went to a fundraiser she was at. I was taking The Ambassador and he was going to meet a bunch of people from my work. I was also excited to have a reason to kind of dress up, so I bought some new duds. A fantastic striped dress with a hem that sat quite comfortable above my knees. I strapped on my sexy boots and off we went.

When I got to work on Monday my friend approached me and went on and on about how her son (like 15 years younger than me) was ‘taken’ with me. lol. She gave me a pretty good-sized ego pump telling me pretty much every word he said.

I was fumbling a little, and stumbling over my words not knowing what to say. That’s not like me at all, but it got me giggling and it was kind of fun.

Well, it’s happened again, only this time it was about someone who is old enough to vote and rent a car.

The Porn King is what we called him years ago. We worked at the same family owned electronics franchise and he had gotten in to some trouble over looking at porn on his work computer.

It’s been some 5 years or something since those days but I remember he had quite the attitude. I never had a problem with him but more than one of my co-workers hated him, and when he finally left for another job… the boss called him a bad egg.

I remember him being flirtatious with me, but I’m pretty sure my intuition was telling me “he’s trouble.”

The Porn King works at a plumbing/ electrical company here in town and the gal I work with apparently talked to him on the phone to schedule a service call. When she mentioned where she worked, he started talking about me.

I was super surprised. I mean, I didn’t even know he knew I worked there. He told her he’s liked me for a really long time and wanted to ask me out but was afraid I’d say no.

I immediately thought, the man’s like 45 years old and too scared to ask a woman out? Really? I mean, seriously, be a man.

Apparently he told my girlfriend that the age different was what was trippin’ him out. I rolled my eyes.

After that I began to have an internal debate, well, sort of. I was pretty much going over all the reasons why I wouldn’t go out with him, and what I might say to him. Not dating right now. Concentrating on therapy. Still in love with The Ambassador. From what I remember, he’s trouble…. etc, etc.

THEN I realized, none of that even matters… it’s been like 5 years that he’s ‘liked’ me and has never asked me out. Lol… I don’t think I have anything to worry about.

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  1. I have an awful anxiety disorder and can’t ask anyone out. I can go out if asked and my current girlfriend likes me. Says I don’t have any baggage 🙂

    • Happy for you… also happy for me that I’m not going to have to reject The Porn King anytime soon. lol

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