The Body and All It’s Connected To

This is a repost of one of my stories from April of 2011…  it’s a good read but also–  this guy is still text messaging me with the same ol’ sexy flirtations.  It’s been over year!  *eye roll*  Anyway, hope you enjoy.

For all you readers that don’t remember.. Mr. Off Limits is a guy who works for the same company as my ex-husband.  He’s a stocky buff body builder type, complete with motorcycle and zany personality.

He saw me on Plenty of Freaks a couple months ago and popped up a chat box to say “hi”.  He now pops up every week and a half or so to flirt like crazy with me via text message.  He and I have both said it’s too bad he’s with that company– it makes him off limits but he’s fun and I think we spend a fair amount of time boosting each other’s egos.

Mr. Off Limits seems to be fairly inexperienced, especially for a guy in his early thirties.  This intrigues me, and I have to admit I playfully taunt him with some of my “outdoor adventures”, some indoor adventures and other brief titillating facts.

Mr. Off Limits had this girlfriend who was NOT adventurous when it came to sex.   She was also a raging bitch.

I, on the other hand, am not a bitch.  I’ve been called “nice” more times than I can count… but more in a naughty in the bedroom but nice otherwise way.  😉

This guy has been, ummmm, fairly communicative I guess.  However, I think that’s simply out of necessity.  He strikes me as someone who shares as little as he can possibly get away with.  He’s very much like my ex-husband.

Well, now he’s got Friends With Benefits (FWB) on the brain.  He’s all but straight out asked me to be his FWB.  I’ve thought about it.  He’s sexy and complimentary and all…. but honestly, I don’t want to.

Why do guys do that??  I want a RELATIONSHIP.  What makes men think I’m FWB material?  (do NOT answer that!  it’s a rhetroical question.)  Why would you want some kind of “better than nothing” situation anyway?  I think those relationships just drag people down.  It’s depressing to be with someone who doesn’t think you are amazing, special, one of a kind.. and worth anything life can throw at you.  It affects a person’s self esteem.

AND I am worth more than that.  I am fighting off feeling indignant about men just wanting to fuck me and nothing more.

I love all those rom coms like “Love and Other Drugs” and “No Strings Attached” where a fantastic relationship grows out of FWB but I don’t think it happens that way in real life.  One person always grows feelings and the other one still wants no strings.  So, the one with the feelings gets hurt and yet has no business being upset because the intentions were clear from the get go.

I am a passionate, emotional woman and I have an amazing ability to see the good in people.  I know I’d probably be the one to grow feelings.  I mean, they call it “intimacy” for a reason, don’t they?

I’m sorry but avoiding the drama and secret keeping with this guy is not an answer because it’s a small town… a VERY small town.  Someone will see someone else’s car at someone’s house at all hours of the night and word will get out.

Plus, I haven’t spent any time in person with him, so it’s not like I know we’re not right for each other but the chemistry is so delicious I can’t resist.

Why should I anyway??  I’m really not that badly in need of sex, and if I go down that road, it ends up being– the more I get, the more I want.  Then I’d have that whole thing to deal with, and round and round we go.

So, if he thinks all I’m worth is a good time in the sack (and I AM a good time.. hahaha), then he can go somewhere else.

Let me break it down for you boys… if you want my company..  If you are interested in my heart and my head, as well as my body…  If you are looking for something real and aren’t paralyzed by a fear of getting hurt……….  I’ll consider it, but if you’re just after the body — then forget you.  I’m saving that for a man who will truly appreciate it and all it’s connected to.

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  1. I get the same FWB bullshit. I can’t stand it! We are much more than a hole or 2 or 3! I’ve been celibate for nearly 2 years and men approach me all the time just for sex. I admit, my past hasn’t done much to help me out but I’m trying to change that. Is there any men out there that want something real? Ugh!!!

    • Well, look out cuz I have even met men that SAY they want something real but then really they don’t. It’s a mixed up, sideways world!

  2. I used to think it was always the women who fell for the guy and that men are the ones who want these non emotional relationships, until I got into a place where I decided I was okay with no strings attached sex. Then the men started wanting relationships with me like crazy! It’s weird how that works. Its total reverse psychology.

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