The Saboteur

Next week I get to return to the land of the living.  After six months or more of graveyard shifts…  I am going back to where I belong.  Living during the light of day.

Although I’ll miss the slow pace of graveyards, which gives me the option to read like crazy and blog and journal and whatever else…  I am glad I won’t be spending my life sleeping while I’m not tired and trying to stay awake when I am tired… but here’s the rub.

After two lovely weeks on day shift working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday–  I’ll be booted over to the other end of the week and that’s where The Saboteur is.

Here is an excerpt from a post I wrote the last time I had to work with her on a regular basis.

From my previous post “Don’t Tell Anyone About It”

Mr. Cool recently told me “if your life is going good, don’t tell anyone about it!”  It was kind of a joke, but not exactly.

Have you ever encountered the type of people who hate optimistic, attractive, happy people?  I work with people like that, and I tell you, my fantastic fun dating life paints a big red bullseye on my forehead.

As they go home to fight with their verbally abusive, angry, controlling husbands, or to play servant to their unsuccessful adult children who still live at home they think about me and probably plot the most satisfying ways to take me out!

I have embarked on a new career and it is NOT a career for sissies!  Going to work there is like a game of Survivor, only there’s no million dollar prize at the end and it’s not easy to vote people off.  At least on survivor you can get rid of some of those assholes if you play your cards right.  Not so at my work.  Once they have been there for a good decade (and there are a lot of them who have) they are pretty well cemented to those chairs.  It would take an act of congress or a horrific crime on their part to have them removed.

Still, like Survivor, we have alliances that move and change or you might think someone is your ally when really they are NOT.  They definitely aren’t.  Of course, you never find this out until you’ve gotten burned a time or two.

There have been many changes at my office over the last two years, but The Saboteur remains.  She’s not just an angry person, but actually quite a predator.  She constantly has a problem with someone at the office, and since the last woman who dared stand up to her retired — that person has been me.

While she was training me, she tried repeatedly to fail me.  We had a little verbal spat, and ever since then she was on a crusade.  She failed.  Since then she has spent her time talking smack to the officers and anyone who will listen about me and other co-workers she deems unworthy.  She has spent enormous amounts of energy looking through the work I’ve done and rushing in to the Supervisor’s office if she thinks she’s found something that could get me in to trouble.

It called way down when I got off her shift, and I could pretty much ignore her…  Well, here we go again?  I’ve been told she’s still talking smack, but I’m sure the officers know by now that she’s more than a little crazy and totally full of shit so that doesn’t shake me.

What does worry me though is being immersed in her negative energy for 12 hours a day, three days a week for three months straight.  I have to sit like 3 feet away from her and she’s just pumpin’ out that negative energy… sweatin’ it out her pores.

Got any advice anyone?  I’m gonna have to go back and re-read some of Karmic Diva’s “Mean Girls” posts and see what I can glean from that!

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  1. Make her some X-Lax chocolate chip cookies… Then maybe she won’t be so full of shit!

  2. Had a conservation in the gym and some guy said that you need drama and being happy all the time is lying to yourself. I have bad days but why walk around moping about when I can be happy for the things I got.

    • It’s true that our lives need ups and downs. Like the line on a heart monitor.. if there are no ups and downs….. you are not alive. The magic is in what we do with those ups and downs. I try to stay up & focus on the positive but that kind of toxic negativity can be so contagious. Wish I could bulletproof myself against her. Bleck!

  3. You could

    1) Ignore her totally. Pretend she is not there
    2) Be sweet and nice as can be
    3) File a harassment complaint and make sure to use the buzzword “work place bully”
    4) Get a restraining Order against her 🙂
    5) Ask for help or suggestions on something, see if she can be brought back into the ally category.

    Any of those workable for your situation? I failed my oral for Torrance Dispatcher. got a 69 lol.

    • Great comment! Funny and kinda sensible. Gotta tell ya.. I’m lovin’ the buzzword! … but hopefully it wont come to that.

  4. – It is cute when you let children do your nails (smile!)
    – Are you getting your hair done in the mall now?
    – Oh is it casual Tuesday?
    – Remember when I was new and you knew how to do this better then me?
    – I heard what “officer name” said, he shouldn’t say that even in their locker room. – oh… never mind
    – I love your shoes, I so remember when they were in style
    – I love your shoes, it is so fun to see people wearing ironic styles
    – I love it. Don’t let the fashion police control us! amIright?
    – They shouldn’t say that stuff right in front of you (go to the phones…)
    – Do you need help over there?
    – Oh, it looks like you could use a hand at your station
    – I know, that desk is always tough on me too
    – You look frazzled today
    – Rough night?
    – I buy my kids shoes there. So much cheaper!
    – Is something wrong? (look concerned)
    – I like that trend of unisex fashion too

    • Oh, you are downright dangerous with the semantics, runner! Lots of laughs out of this one! Ha!

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