From the Inside Out

I’m hitting therapy hard these days.  While walking around feeling the after effects of a session one day, I searched my book shelf for anything that might help to speed the process, and boy did I find it!

I had “Self Matters” by Dr. Phil on my shelf.  I believe I started reading it before but got to the point where there is a HUGE amount of journaling required and bailed.  Well, not this time.

Not only have I bumped my sessions up to every week (which is hefty on the pocketbook) but I am also now working through “Self Matters”.  Even more than “Calling in the One”, this book is therapy between a front and back cover.  It takes things a step further though.  “Calling in the One” the focus was on becoming aware of some possible issues… “Self Matters” actually tells you what to do with them once you are aware.

Sometimes I feel like I spent TONS of time just reading through rah-rah mantras, but they aren’t getting down deep on the inside.  I can repeat mantras all day long, and even write them down and tape them up all over my house… but still, not much is getting down on the inside.  It’s frustrating because I have tried the reverse outside in technique and it doesn’t work.  Plus, there’s no deep, real, and lasting change.

I had also been wondering what good it does to rehash all that old junk…  The past is the past, right?  I mean, I get the theory that like a wound that did not heal properly, you have to re-open it, get out all the infection and then heal it again… but I needed more than a metaphor.  I needed specifics.

Dr. Phil was great at that.  He outlined the whole process, from start to finish.  He even talked about what it feels like to living a healthy, productive life with ample self-esteem.  He talks about how we need to challenge some of our negative thoughts and how to do just that.  It’s fabulous…  shockingly deep, detailed, well organized and over all -encouraging-!!  I’ve been working through it, and it was part of my success with the whole chores thing.

I am coupling the book with therapy… but if you do all the exercises in this book in an honest and authentic way, I believe you can’t help but be changed by it and changed for the better.  For all you out there that feel you have some things you might need to work through, but don’t want to actually sit down in a head shrinker’s office–  This book is for you!

Sometimes I look back over my life and since I was a child of abuse and a reckless bi-polar mother, I feel overwhelmed.  Hell, I don’t even know where to start.  Dr. Phil says that even though we may have had a whole slew of experiences, good and bad… There’s no need to analyze your entire life.  It all comes down to 10 defining moments, 7 critical choices and 5 pivotal people.  Now that’s something I can get on board with!  You don’t have to break the job down in to smaller pieces, Dr. Phil does that for you in this book.

Anyway, I have rambled on enough but I will say this…  Readers and blogger friends, you know I read the heck out of these kinds of books and this one…  The book is a work of brilliance.  He has laid out an entire program of therapy in such an organized fashion..  I am totally impressed (in case you can’t tell.  lol)

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  1. My friends have always made fun of me for loving his books and his candid advice. They even call me Dr. Phil in a joking way every time I open my mouth, but I think you can get a lot out of that book! 🙂

    • I am surprised by how few people seem to ever embark on a journey of personal growth or participate in a course of therapy. I mean, even a Ferrari needs a tune up once in a while!

      And btw, I love Dr. Phil. People can tease all they want but he has a brilliant gift of being able to explain some complicated psychological processes in a down to earth way that anyone could understand. Maybe why he makes the big bucks. Lol

  2. I am glad you found your encouragement. Life will pass us if we pass on life. You’re working overtime huh? Therapy and book. I hope you get to a place where you are comfortable and relieved of all your pain. If you stay dedicated the process will turn into progress.

  3. I’ve read this book and I enjoyed it very much. I actually passed it on to a friend who enjoyed it and passed it on. I felt good that the book was making the rounds and helping others. I totally read these books also.

    • Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world who really reads these types of books. Thanks for sharing.

      • I have a pretty large library filled. You are not alone dear.

      • I have a pretty large library filled. You are not alone Cadence. 🙂

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