Another Prediction… wow

Last post I blogged about The Gypsy Woman’s prediction for my love life…  Today I have another “prediction” to share.

I bumped in to my friend, The Lovely RN, at a church function.  We chatted about my situation with my anxiety, and the magnesium deficiency I take vitamins for.  She’s helping me in that arena.  I reminded her that The School Teacher is moving.  She knows how hard this is for me.  She has lived in this county for well over a decade too with no family around.  She knows what it’s like to build yourself a psuedo-family/ support system and have it crumble down around you.

The Lovely RN and I have talked about this before.   In the past, as we talked about The Ambassador moving, and then The School Teacher being right on his heels.  At that time she said “that could be your future that moves in next door.”  She meant that, of course, in relation to my romantic life but today she very firmly said “God is going to send you another friend”.  Then she prayed with me about who would move in to the house next door.

I can’t imagine another single/ divorced mother of two moving in next door.  The owner always seems to pick good renters, but there’s so much more involved in the kind of tight friendship The Sultry School Teacher and I have.  Not only must the person be a good neighbor but also be someone who has a need for a close friend in his/ her life.  I don’t find this much with married people, because they have their primary relationship already squared away.

Plus, in such a small town it’s difficult to meet anyone who doesn’t know half the town, have family here, and already have their support system in place.  With The School Teacher, she had grown up here but now after having been gone for a good 20 years, she doesn’t really know anyone much anymore.  Although, her high school BFF does still live in town, she’s one of the married ones I mentioned.  The School Teacher was here for a year, and mostly that BFF was wrapped up in her own life.  Even though she lives just a few streets over, The School Teacher didn’t see much of her.

I was lucky though, proximity is so important and I was right next door so we had many chats standing in the driveway chatting with each other to build our friendship.   Not to mention, we both needed each other for emotional support.  She’s still struggling through her divorce, and I’ve been working my way through the emotional hurdles of dating and don’t have any family here.  We needed each other and fit together like two pieces of a puzzle.

I don’t know how much of a prediction this is, or just hoping for the best, and trying to have faith in the Lord…  but I guess we’ll find out sooner or later.

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  1. My fingers are crossed that The Lovely RN is right! I have no doubt that you will soon find a newclose confidant. Good natured people are naturally drawn to each another.

    – K.

    • Well… the last two neighbors were amazing. I’ve got my fingers crossed too!

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