Friends With Kids… The Movie

I almost didn’t rent it.  When I checked the Redbox site it was only rated 2 1/2 stars, plus I didn’t really know any of the actors by their names… but The Sultry School Teacher watched it and recommended it to me.

It turns out I really like the film.  I think it confronted some serious issues about marriage, child rearing, and relationships.  In the movie, the two main characters are best friends and decide to have a child together.  After much consideration, they decide that divorced parents have it made with split custody… having the child 50% of the time, leaving the other half of the time to be with your romantic partner.  They also figured they could then avoid the rough spots their married friends with kids are going through.

It actually works out pretty well in the beginning, but it seems to me it’s because the mother doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the child rearing duties.   She has her son half the time, then she can rest and rejuvenate while the father has baby boy on his days.

You know I love a good rom com… and especially anything that questions why our society sticks to the social rituals it does.

One of my favorite parts in the movie is when one of the supporting characters tells the leading man to find someone he wants to be with in the worst of times.  He says he and his ex-wife were great together but when things got tough they didn’t want to be anywhere near each other.  How many of you have been in that kind of relationship?  I certainly have.

It reminds me of something Capt. Amazing said to me once.  “You need to find someone you could be happy with if you had to live in a tent.”  I love this comment and that’s certainly what I’m after–  and I’d like to add, also someone who won’t run our life off the rails so we actually do end up living in a tent!  lol

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  1. I enjoy films that explore complex relationship issues. This one seems to be unique in that it focuses on parenting, and the impact that children can have on two partners. Thanks for the recommendation.

    – K.

    • Yes, I think that’s what makes it so unique. I also like how it explored the way co-parenting and going through the whole human experience bonds you together. I love at the end when the leading man says something like “…this is the romantic stuff!”

  2. I enjoyed this movie also…. A lot of relationship RX, thought provoking scenarios and good laughs.

    • Yes.. I think the premise was very thought provoking… kind of asking if they can “beat the system” with their plan. Their friends knew it wouldn’t work but I don’t think any of them could logically explain why… maybe it’s because emotions aren’t logical. Lol

  3. “You need to find someone you could be happy with if you had to live in a tent.” – I like that!

    • Isn’t that fantastic?! One of Captain Amazing’s gems of wisdom & very true!

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