The Gypsy Woman’s Prediction

So, I was talking to my Mom on the phone the other day.  We don’t talk as much as we used to but she is still aware of my current predicament.  The heartbreak over The Ambassador.  The Sultry School Teacher moving away.  Most times The Gypsy Woman is pretty disconnected.  She’s become jaded after such an emotionally difficult life, but when I do get through to her though, she can be encouraging, inspiring, sometimes even wise… oh so many wonderful things.

My mother was dubbed “The Gypsy Woman” by my young firefighter years ago.  I found it to be absolutely perfect.  It encompassed not only her insatiable wanderlust, but also her keep powers of perception, and possible little glimpses in to the future she sometimes gets.  It’s fun to hear her predictions.  I find myself looking at it like a daily horoscope– fun to read, curious about whether or not it will come true, but I’m not going bet my life on it.

“The fire station” she said “I’m seeing someone watching you from the fire station, and feeling like he just can’t wait to get involved.  He’s watching you go by and he just can’t wait to be a part of things.”  We had been just chatting away when she suddenly blurted that out.

“What?” I asked… and she explained she was having a sort of picture in her head of me and my kiddos passing the fire station and a dark-haired man watching out the window.  She even told me what corner of the building he was watching from.

I thought for a little while.  I mentioned a couple of the men in my atmosphere and The Gypsy Woman peppered me with questions about what they look like.  None of them fit the bill, and then I remembered…  The Softball Coach.  The day I saw him at the yard sale, when he was funny, and chivalrous–  he was wearing a fire department t-shirt.

Our fire department here is mostly volunteer, so I guess he could be working as a cop and also doing some fire stuff.  That sort of thing is not uncommon here.  As far as him watching us roll by… well, the kids and I had ridden bikes right past that fire station several days in a row.  Hmmmm, I thought.

A couple of days after that phone call with my Mom, I saw The Softball Coach driving past my house.   I waived.  Today as I drove home, I just happened to see the truck he was driving parked right outside the fire station.  Hmmm.

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