Next Up, Captain Amazing

Got a call from Captain Amazing today.  It’s been a grueling summer for most of my peeps, him included.  For a little while he was seeing The 21 Year old Cashier, and Ms. Perfect.  Both of them knowing about the other and everyone involved conceeding that none of them was “The One”.  So, Capt. Amazing attempted to maintain a friendship with The Cashier, going out and even on trips together.  He also continued to spend time with Ms. Perfect separately.  They hung out, went out, and sometimes crawled in to each others arms.

Well, now the spell is broken for Capt. Amazing too.  There was a falling out with The Cashier, and Ms. Perfect has moved 4 hours away to attend law school.  It’s not so bad.  He can drive up and see Ms. Perfect on the weekends for the time being…  and there has been a very positive turn of events for him.  He’s making plans to take a job with a company who wants to plant him in their New York office.  New York City in about a month.

While I am thrilled for Capt. Amazing…  I’m sure New York City is much more his speed.  He’s not fulfilled with this small town life and it sounds like an incredible job.  Still, I will miss him.

Now, he lives an hour from me in a small city just across the stateline.  I don’t see him much, especially since my stupid panic disorder has been revved up–  but we text everyday and talk about once a week.  I fully expect even this stuff to change.  It’s not as though he’ll be out of cell range or anything, but remember what I said about the person leaving having so much to do?  He’ll be building a whole new life and I know it’s crutial to have people in our lives IN PERSON.  It’s part of this wave of change I’m experiencing lately…  just one more force in the water.


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  1. New York City! Get a rope…. (sorry, that commercial has been seered into my brain since I was a kid!)

    • Ha! It suits Capt. Amazing quite well though…

  2. You can move closer to me! LOL I’m in the market for some new friends.

    • Maybe I didn’t mention I guess that I am pretty well stuck in this redneck little town. I can’t in good conscience take my children away from their very involved father. Even if I wanted to, the courts wouldn’t let me. So, I must grow where God has planted me… but I’ll be your friend anyway. 😉

      There are SO many people I know who are facing some huge changes. My struggle just happens to be being the one left behind.

      • A super involved father is quite the blessing!

      • Absolutely true. It wasn’t always like that. When they were small and he and I were still together, it was not like this. He wouldn’t watch them for 10 minutes without bitching… but it is sometimes easier for men as their children get older. Now he can talk to them, reason with em. Muuuch easier… there’s no reasoning with a 2 year old throwing a tantrum. lol

      • Sadly, sometimes a divorce makes men realize they have to step up and be involved. I noticed my husband used to always expect me to do everything because I was the mom, and trying to be super mom at that, so finally leaving him stuck with the kids sometimes made him realize how much he was not doing!

  3. It’s always delightful to read your quips and quirks in life, and while the force is tough, you are definitely surfing those tides beautifully. 😀


    • HA… thanks, it has taken me a long time to get to where I am today but I’m trying and growing and most of all PRAYING.

      • Yes, absolutely. Buddha has even taught that the desire for something imprisons us, hence detachment from worldly desires is the key to lighter selves. It frees you from wishing for things you don’t have, and being grateful for which you do have. You are definitely walking along the path of such enlightenment. 😀


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