Giggles at the Garage Sale

A couple of years ago my daughter played ponytail softball here in town and while garage saling this past weekend I bumped in to one of the guys that coached her team.

I was shepherding my kiddos around checking things out. I helped them count out their allowance. I jumped on to an electric scooter and zipped up and down the block howling with glee, and then I noticed him watching me. The kids made their purchases, and he gallantly carried them out to my car.

The Softball Coach chatted me up and was funny and charming. He had to remind me of his name when I confessed that he looked super familiar but I couldn’t place him. A little embarrassing since he remembered me. After he told me his very long and complicated last name he casually said “common spelling”. It was a little dispatcher jargon and really funny because obviously there is no common spelling for that ridiculous last name.  I giggled

I thanked him for the help and we were on our way. I smiled to myself thinking how cute I was in my pigtails, sundress, and sandals… but that was really the end of it. I’m just not all that concerned about it at the moment. I rather enjoying having all the dating stress off my shoulders. It didn’t really feel stressful while I was doing it, but I can definitely feel a difference now.

Also, ya know, I have to confess, all three of these new men in my atmosphere are cops, different agencies maybe but still cops– and I still have reservations about dating cops. Especially in a small town it can be incredibly difficult if it doesn’t work out. I’ve had several men bail the minute they found out my ex-husband is a cop.  Can’t say that’s a huge downside.  Some of them bailed because they were shady but eiter way, I don’t need some jilted ex-boyfriend driving around in a patrol car too.

Plus, I think the majority of them are pretty closed off. It’s a popular coping mechanism for dealing with all the disturbing things they have to see, but I want someone who’s open.  Ultimately, I don’t want to end up with another guy like my ex-husband.. Closed off, and tired of dealing with everyone elses problems all day at work, never wants to deal with his own.

Still, that’s the world I live in. Maybe I need to stop lumping them all in some pidgeon hole together. After all, how much am I like my fellow dispatchers? Hmmm.. I’m not sure I even know the answer to that one.

I’m not going to burn up too many brain cells mulling it over though. For the time being, I’m not dating and I’m happy with that. I’ve got some “me projects” I’m working on. Probably putting out a bit of a “stay back” vibe too, which is fine with me. I have no desire to be anything but authentic.

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  1. They say women are hard to live with, that we’re all drama, but really and truly they are the drama! A break from men- sounds like heaven!

    • They certainly can be. Lol. I have noticed lately that, man or woman, some people just seem bent on making things more complicated than they need to be. Right now I am appreciating simplicity.

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