Road Dog

Better looking, but less FUNNY than these guys. MEOW!


As I have mentioned before, I am a law enforcement dispatcher. The other day, I’m sitting at my work position engrossed in whatever it was I was doing, when I look up and there stands The Road Dog. He’s leaning on the partician next to my desk with his “Smokey The Bear” hat and bad ass sunglasses on, his muscular arms folded in front of him.

He looked pretty damn hot. The most attractive I’ve ever seen him look, actually… and there he stood, or rather, leaned– waiting for me to turn my attention to him.

I’m calling him The Road Dog because he’s a highway cop… When our Allied Agency cops are being nice, they might call the highway guys “road dogs”.

The Road Dog is in his mid 40s, just under 6 foot tall, stocky. He sports a shiny shaved head and confident walk. He’s sociable, accomplished professionally, and in his personal life a super outdoorsy — hunter, fisherman, dirt bike rider type of guy. The kind of guy you see in flannel and work boots riding his dirtbike home from work. Give him a power bar and a bottle of gatorade and he can survive in the woods for a week.

The Road Dog has been single since I started here two years ago. He wanders in to dispatch to chat us up on a regular basis but has never really been flirtatious or anything. I believe he’s been dealing with the emotional after effects of his divorce in his own way, but lately… I seem to be seeing more attentive behavior from him. Seems like he’s all of a sudden testing the waters.

Although there are many positive things I could say about The Road Dog… There are also plenty of things that just don’t feel right to me. First, although the outdoorsy thing is sexy, I’m not Ms. Outdoorsy girl. Next, I’ve never had one of those conversations with him where I really felt like we were clicking. You know the kind I mean– where you’re really on the same wave length and it flows smoothly. Also, he works here. Just doesn’t seem to really fit.

I have to say though, if he was as funny as Super Troopers…  I’d rump right in without a second thought.  Haven’t you heard?  Funny is the new sexy!


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  1. I’ve always had a fetish of banging a cop.

    Why didn’t you make this known months ago lol?Just saying.

    • Nice fantasy u got going there but I am-not- a cop. I’m a dispatcher. No gun, no badge, no uniform. Just computers, 911 calls, and a headset to talk to the officers on the radio.

  2. I totally agree! If my husband weren’t so damned funny he’d a lost me long long ago! Funny is like icing on cake!

    • Yes.. & I want to say funny like u laugh together because u “get” each other. I recently caught a glimpse of one of Jordan’s posts about not entertaining a woman. I can see how that would be frustrating. It’s no one’s responsibility to entertain another person… We’re not trained monkeys. Never put on a show for anybody.. but if u get each other and laugh at the same things… that makes for a whole lot of fun.

  3. Thanks lol.

    I’ve actually learned something today.I never knew dispatchers weren’t law enforcement.

    Totally learned.Nevertheless,I’d love to bang a dispatcher.Hook me up!!

    • Dispatchers are non-uniformed law enforcement personnel. We’re kinda half way between the cops and the office personnel. Lol- either way, u’ll have to do your own leg work. I would caution u though.. occasionally u may find a fabulous woman like me but it is rumored that dispatchers are often hired from the pound (woof!) or BY the pound! :-O

  4. Awesome post! Love the new sexy! I totally agree! I can’t handle guys with looks but no brains to back it up. Or as my friend coins it, ” a lump of tofu”. 😀


    • Certainly some people are all balls and no brains.. These days, though, the type of intelligence I find myself most concerned with is emotional intelligence. As I grow as a person I see more and more how crucial that is.

      • Oh yes, absolutely! I find myself looking for more substance than icing. Like you know, wedding cakes, all pretty but nothing inside. While home made cakes are not perfect looking but have great delicious stuff. It’s like I realize, will this guy love me when I’m old and wrinkled, or is it just good for now type of love. I’m starting to tap into me more, which means I’m starting to realize what’s most important in a guy more. Keeping an open mind is key I find, because often our soul mates might be packaged differently. 😀


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