Easy On The Eyes, Hard On The Heart

Ya baby… except the guys I know are the real thing

I remember the first time I saw The Drug Cop.  He was in civilian clothes having been assigned to a drug task force, and walked into the dispatch center in jeans and his badge hanging on one of those chain things you see detectives wear in the movies sometimes.

I damn near fell out of my chair!  I immediately thought of the way Rick Shroeder looked when he was on NYPD Blue (The Drug Cop is blonde), only the guy standing in front of me was taller and FAR more attractive.  He looked like a damn movie star..  I couldn’t believe it.  I probably stumbled over my words like an idiot when we were introduced.

It was a really long time before I saw him again, but it turns out The Drug Cop also served in The Marines, and I get the impression that he feels a sort of connection because of that.  I don’t know about you other services, but we Marines got it like that.  😉

The next time he came by our office, we chatted a while and I understood that he’s been missing the camaraderie he found there. To me it’s just a signal that although work and home might be good to go… the social aspect of his life might be kinda out of balance. Not a huge surprise in our mid-thirties. Sometimes it seems like everyone you know is off and busy with their own lives and families.

Anyway, now he’s calling in just to say “hi.. how ya doin’?” and tell me he can always tell when it’s me on the radio– by the overtone of my voice.

Hmmm…  Doubt anything will happen there.  From what I understand, he’s got a transfer in.  I believe he had short marriage…  I mean celebrity short, that ended and now he’s off to bigger things.  He doesn’t seem like the type to be content just humming along in this little town.  Guess he had to give it a try though.

I would imagine it would be hard for any woman to keep up with The Drug Cop…  He just seems like the type that’s always on.  Always pushing himself..  stellar athlete, stellar cop…  ya know, everything just so.  A woman like me would probably drive him crazy.  I’m messy.  I don’t do routines well.  I do my best to go with the flow.  I try to listen to my heart, go with the flow, grow where I’m planted and follow God’s plan for me…  The Drug Cop seems more like an “I make my OWN luck” kinda man.

And, did I mention he looks like TROUBLE?  He’s got “easy on the eyes, hard on the heart” written all over him.

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