Let The Happiness Begin!

I have been floating in this in between space lately…  Still healing from the loss but not hurting as much.  I have been thinking about my life, and have decided I need to be challenged.  Right now, working graveyards in the slowest call center in the state, the most difficult part of my job is staying awake.  So, I’ve been praying, reading the bible, reading romance novel fluff and looking for the next big thing.  Isn’t a loss so much easier to bear when you’ve got something you can throw yourself in to?

I’ve been looking for a writing class, or a seminar to attend, even maybe a painting class, or photography, but every single thing I’ve found has either been too expensive or had a serious conflict with my work schedule.  Not to mention, nothing really felt right.  So, I’ve been just floating in this in between space.

I’ve been avoiding working on the book I started with Captain Amazing because I just have to admit…  It’s no fun writing someone else’s stories.  I’ve been writing for the blog, but it turns out writing can be like exercise.  If you do the exact same work out every day, at some point you will plateau and that work out won’t have the same effect that it once had.  Captain Amazing explained this to me, and he was right.  He didn’t care what I wrote, but was convinced if I wrote something new or different, it would light me up.

As I was looking, or rather waiting for inspiration on the next big thing, I remembered a novel I had started writing and had furiously scribbled notes on.  I dug through my craft room and finally found the binder with all my notes and other writing in it.  I dove in to writing the book, and I got through the first chapter plus a blow by blow outline for the entire book.

Still, it wasn’t quite right.

I started noticing people popping up and coming by the house.  I love that God will put people in my path even when I don’t feel like reaching out…  At one point, Mr. Cool dropped by.  We had a fabulous time talking about his work (he’s a real estate broker), while my kids relaxed with a movie.  I felt appreciated, connected, and reminded of how I want to be regarded by a man.

Mr. Cool got married last fall but we have remained friends.  We have terrific chemistry.  He’s got a terrific personality that I really enjoy.  So, over the course of conversation he started talking about the residential side of his business and wanting to find a charming single mother to work it.  He prefers commercial side of the business.

Well, Mr. Cool did not miss my eyes lighting up as he started to talk about it.  I have always enjoyed real estate.  I can see the beauty and benefit in all different types of homes.  I love how exciting it is to buy a new home, and the challenge of trying to get your home just right so it will sell quickly.  I also loved working in sales before I changed careers.  I often thought about taking my sales skills to a higher level, and real estate seemed like it would be a natural fit.

“But you already have a full time job” he said.  A yes, but I explained…  I worked 12 hour shifts smashed in to three days a week… especially when the kids are in school, I have time.  “Ok.  If you want to do it, get your license.  It’s really easy.  You can do it online.”

He went on to talk about how he’d been trained to respond to so many different types of situations.  He’s incredibly confident, studied like crazy, and was trained by masters.  Before moving to our podunk county, Mr. Cool had a shining career in bay area commercial real estate.  So successful, in fact, that he managed to put work on hold for some 10 years while he moved to his ranch and raised his kids in a small town.

The next morning I woke up with a heart full of joy.  I googled information on getting a California Real Esate Agent’s license and guess what…  It’s $150 (I can totally swing that next payday), and an online course so it won’t interfere with my work and kids schedule.  AWESOME.  That’s it!  That’s the next big thing!

I’m completely stoked and determined to follow through.  The next few days I woke up with the same overflowing joy.  I felt as though I had smiled all night long.  I know this joy is a product of so many things…  I started counting my blessings, writing at least 20 lines every day.  I have been praying and reading the word.  I’ve been taking my time in my emotional growth, and thinking about what’s really important to me and what kind of life I want to live…  but this new adventure seemed to be the catalyst that just flipped my switch!

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  1. Many blessings to you with your new endeavor! 🙂

  2. Many blessings to you and your new endeavor. 🙂 Sometimes we really just need a new opportunity to breathe life into us again.

    • Thank you. So far it’s been slow going getting started on this one & not what I expected. Isn’t that always the way? Lol

  3. Such great points you made too about plateauing. I wonder if that’s what’s happened to my blog as I’m kittenless in my writing inspirations lately, and started a secondary blog for the more challenging stuff, http://blueninjabi.com. 😀 So great to see you making new pursuits! 😀


    • Thanks. Captain Amazing had a dang good point with that one!

  4. That’s awesome! I think we have to challenge ourselves, push ourselves to learn, do, and be more! ALL THE TIME!

    • I certainly need a challenge… silly, sort of but it feels like a bit of a revelation for me. Still learning about myself.

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