Just Wait…

While I have no intention of turning this in to a churchy religious blog, THIS is my journey and I’m going to share it… every part of it.  As I have been one to run from spiritual matters in the past, I hope you’ll continue to follow along with me…

I have learned many things on the crazy twisty turny roads through this life.  I have learned patience, perseverance, hanging on, fighting hard, and how to love…  Hell, I’m still learning and I will keep doing so but right now my lesson is learning to wait on the Lord.

It was a line in a song at church yesterday.  “Teach me to wait on the Lord.”

This is incredibly difficult for me, as I am such an action oriented person, I am constantly asking “What can I DO?”  Right now, my answer is to do nothing… just wait on the Lord.

I am waiting to hear what he wants me to do.  I am waiting for that extraordinary love I’ve been praying for.  I’m waiting for my own personal growth work to take hold so my heart, soul and body can catch up with my mind.

I have started chasing after Him… pursuing God.  Again I’m in a period of walking with him everyday…  For some reason, this tends to fall by the wayside when I get sidetracked by life, but I keep coming back around.  I am hoping the times of getting sidetracked grow shorter and shorter until there’s no space in between, and I am praying without ceasing.

So, here I am– poised and ready to do whatever it is God tells me to do.  I’m seeking Him out in the waiting.  I’ve still got that peace in my heart, and I KNOW all the waiting will be worth it.


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  1. Awesome post! And yes, research has shown that being involved in a romance often does distract us from God. It’s a challenge for sure! Great to see your posts as always!


    • I don’t know that I’d blame the romance for my lesser involvement. The Ambassador and I shared relious persuasions and even attended a ouple of events together. I prayed about us and talked to my Pastor about our relationship… More often my work schedule, or little league & other activities would interfere and distract me. So glad you’re reading Pink. Always appreciate the caring support. 🙂

      • Great to know! Man, life is soo full of distractions. It’s like, I only call God when I need Him, but I don’t just call to chat, you know? 😀 May you always be surrounded by Angels. 😀


  2. He’d probably be cool with you taking some action while you waited though, as long as it followed his style.

    • Great to see blogger’s first comments! Welcome! As far as action goes, I’ll move in whatever direction the Lord shows me. I’ll know when inspiration appears and the time is right. 😉

  3. I am with you all the way! It’s good that we can include the spiritual moments of our journey in our blogs. I am always trying to learn how to wait on God, and it’s not easy for a control freak like me. Sometimes I think the big guy sits up there giggling because he knows he created this neurotic soul, and when I’m feeling like I need an answer by Tuesday, he always waits till Friday after next to even give me a hint!! P.S. My friend did this needlework for me of a little one in prayer, and it said “Pray without ceasing”; I turned it into a little pillow for my last baby’s crib. You just reminded me of that, it was so beautiful. And so poignant. Always pray without ceasing!! Now where did I put that little pillow?? HMMMMM

    • Tiff, you are such a joy! & you get me… Yes, often for me God’s direction doesn’t come as quickly as I’d like but I know He’s teaching me patience and perseverance.

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