And We’re Off To The Races

Connecting with The Hunky Mechanic—–

We had a great phone conversation.  I laughed, and it flowed naturally.  Good stuff.  I stopped by his shop the next day, and that went really well.  Again I was feeling connected, and more…  I was all gussied up in a dress, with a little cleavage and boots.  Just feeling good.

As we chatted and I leaned over the counter, he got up from his chair and came around behind me.  He slid his arms around me and nuzzled my neck.  When I left he kissed me slowly, seductively.  It was fantastic, and definitely left me wanting more.  That night I had a dream  where we were just hanging out, but I was sooo turned on.  I was in a state of craving, craving, craving.  Whew!

Saturday arrived and I took the kids out to the races here in our little town.  The Hunky Mechanic is on the board for the race track, and has been involved with one race team or another for some 17 years.

The races were so incredibly exciting.  Even walking in you could hear the roar of the modifieds.  As we got closer, it got more exciting.  In the stands I could feel the roar of the engines in my core.  It was incredible.  I always seem to forget how great it is when I haven’t been there for a while.

It’s an interesting mix of people.  As we got to the gates, we saw a woman wearing bad cut off jeans, pulling them up trying to cover the hanging gut, and a bikini top with rather obvious underboob sneaking out.  She smoked a cigarette and blabbed her drug addict banter at the security guard.  I laughed.  Ah, yes, the small town race track.

There were older folks, younger folks, single moms, red necks with beer.  There was even a hot girl in a super short dress and cowboy boots cheering her lungs out.  She reminded me of Julianne Hough in the race track scenes in the new Footloose movie.  Although, she was a sight to see, she also looked to be trying too hard.

It was a good time, although short-lived.  The track was super dusty so they stopped the races early.  The Hunky Mechanic invited my girlfriend and I with all four of our kids to come to the pits so the kids could sit in the racecar.  I was very excited… a little nervous but I was able to talk down the anxiety fairly easily.

We drove back and The Hunky Mechanic lifted each kid in to the driver’s seat one by one.  His buddies were there.  His parents were there.  One of his friends came up and said hi, calling me by name.  I was a little surprised he remembered me.  It’s been a good three years, and even then I only met him once or twice.

I felt very comfortable.  I didn’t feel awkward holding his hand, or talking to anyone.  There was no thought in my mind that just being myself might chase him away.  I laughed and made jokes.  No drama.  No need to figure anyone out.  It was pure joy.

That’s the thing about The Mechanic.  He’s solid and secure.  He’s a partner.  He’s in to the “you and I against the world” thing.  He’s not too absorbed in his own head or problems to support me.  He’s a soft place to land when I get myself overwhelmed out in the world.  We have a calm easy feeling.

The kids ran and played…  running along the fence line and climbing on piles of dirt.  I walked along with The Mechanic, getting the tour of the racing trailer, meeting the new people.  At one point I said hi to his Dad who obviously didn’t remember.  He’s a rather brash personality.  Still, I was fine with it.

I felt like cheering.  This is how it’s supposed to feel.

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