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So..  The book is “The Color Code;  A New Way To See Yourself, Your Relationships, and Life” by Taylor Hartman, Ph.D.

What a fabulous and totally incredible book.  I loved it, and doodled and scribbled all over it.  I’ve begun this new tradition of taking books that I love, and know I’ll have forever, and making notes all over in the margins.   It’s fun, sassy, and infused what is uniquely me in to the page…  Plus, when I die, won’t it be so much fun for my loved ones left over?  Man, I’m gonna leave so much shit for them to read, it’s not even funny.  Stacks of journals, books with all kinds of notes, blog posts, have written books and screenplays…  Ha, ha, those suckers won’t know what hit em!)

Anyway, back on track…  The book was totally amazing, and up lifting and positive.  I really needed the in-depth look to understand.  I had my own color totally wrong.  No way am I a Red.  In fact, as it turns out–  I really don’t like Red personalities.  How I ended up marrying two of them, I’ll never know… except maybe to guess, I grew up with multiple abusive step-dads and a Mom who pretty much hated men so I guess I figured they were all like that…  controlling, power-hungry, insensitive.  Boy, my mind is all over the place today.

What it comes right down to is your base motivation.  I’m definitely a blue, seeks motivation, wants to be loved above all.   Here are some of the notes I wrote in the margins about being a blue are:

Little Miss Hard to Please

Nobody loves like a BLUE

Blues need tender, loving, care

Loyal and committed in good times and bad

Do Gooder

Overly sensitive


Powerful and sincere

Emotionally deep

Is it any wonder all my friends are blues???  Shocker, huh?  But Capt Amazing, Mr. X, The Sultry School Teacher… all blues.

A few other fascinating tidbits I fancifully drew in the margins include:

Cultivate a contagious ZEST for life

You can never find real peace until you FACE THE TRUTH

No one plays like a YELLOW

Lets not make EVERYTHING an issue

Be vivacious and emotionally charged about LIFE!

This book really helped me understand SO much about me…  where my personality is heavy, where I need balance.  It showed me that the things I have been searching for in others, are exactly the things I need to develop in myself.

The Color Code helped me so much to understand other people in my life, and what drives them.  The Ambassador is a white, so his base motivation is peace.  He wants peace, and he wants to be respected…  not that this makes any difference now but it would have been helpful to know that about him.

I think a white is a fairly good balance for me, but it also explains why often times it felt like a struggle to try to balance our energy.  Whites are also motivated by power.  That’s why their best match is a Red.

Reds are a terrible match for a Blue because they are both INTENSE and powerful personalities but with different motivations and needs they end up working in opposition to each other.   If it’s not a nightmare Jerry Springer style, then most likely the blue will end up getting walked on bail… at least that’s what happened in my last marriage.

Surprisingly, even though all my friends seem to be Blues, it’s not the best match for me and I can understand why.  Blues are so intense.  They really are, and putting two Blues together can be overwhelming.  Yellow is blue’s best match, because love (not power) is both color’s base motivation and a lighthearted Yellow can do wonders for getting an intense blue to ease up.

I thought about the yellows in my life…   The first boy I ever fell in love with, Mr. Cool that had me falling so incredibly fast, The Firefighter who I so deeply loved.  Oh Lord, send me a good-hearted, decent, and available Yellow!  There is a magic in the mix of that personality and mine.

This book has helped me understand my kids better too.  What a wonderful thing to know as a parent.. what core needs drive your child through this life.  I gained so much from the book, I can’t say enough wonderful things about it.  I also can’t retype it all here on the page–  So, if you’re intrigued, go buy it!  It’ll be worth it, I swear.

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  1. I must admit that you sold me on this book.

    But as usual,I’m always skeptical about books written by so-called “PHD” holders.A lot of them are full of shit,and give full of shit advice.I’m not sure about this one though.

    Feel free to check out my latest post for some female advice and input.

  2. You’re sending me straight to… gotta see what color all the people in this house happen to be!

    • That should be so fun! I know things got much easier for me parenting my son the day I realized he needed to feel like he’s got some control over his own life.. He’s such a little Red!

  3. Love this post! And now that you clarified Red vs. Blue, I realize that I am definitely a Blue who is often not attracted to careers that have a lot of Red personalities (think recruiters). So great to know that Yellow is my ultimate fit as I think I did marry a White as well. If only this book were available electronically! Wahh.. I’ll find a way to get my hands on this one. I’m only 40 pages short of finishing Thomas’ book! 😀


    • I would think in a field so geared toward people, you would find a lot of yellows as well. Good luck!

      • Wooooo!!! Didn’t know that! I’m so excited to read book! Only 20 or so pages left with Thomas, and then the next one! Thank you for being such a key inspiration of positive change in my life. Hugzzzzzz!!!


  4. P.S. Woo hoo, it is NOW available on Google Books, finally, eversion! Hooray!

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