Gossip Sabotage in The Mickey D’s Drive Thru

Can I just make my order in peace, please?

I love me some McDonalds breakfast…  I know it’s terrible for me, and I try to stay away, but once in a while….   I’m just going to defer to Silvia Plath on this one “I desire things that will destroy me in the end.”

Anyway, today my egg mcmuffin was serviced with a double side portion of wtf.  I made my order with a very large gal who’s son goes to school with mine.   There I was minding my own business, when I was quite suddenly verbally assaulted —  “Are your X and his girlfriend getting married?”

Wtf??  Not only is this an incredibly personal question, especially since she isn’t even divorced yet, but it’s not even about me!  Why the hell would she ask me that?

My face must have made some kind of gruesome expression against my will, because the large woman immediately started explaining that her son had come home stating that my son and the new girlfriend’s son were going to be brothers.”

Luckily, I am quick witted enough that I did NOT snap back “Your fucking kid is seven years old, do you really think he’s got life changing information that no one else in town has?”

I was doing my best to manuever through this gossip sabotage situation when she then pops out with the fact that my ex’s girlfriend is a FRIEND of hers.  Once again, why the @!$& is she asking me?

I was polite, and honest stating that I actually like and respect said girlfriend and find her to be very genuine but as I rolled out of there I couldn’t help but wonder if she didn’t ask me to try and provoke a reaction or if she was just fishing for information.  Who knows.  **sigh**  drama drama drama.

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  1. Maybe she was fishing to see if you’d be her date… haha

    • **shivers** Idk what she was fishing for. Maybe drama.

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