I’d Like You to Meet My Charming Sexy Boyfriend

Mmm, kinda like this but The Heinous Bitch is NOT even close to hot like that babe

The Ambassador and I went to a benefit the other day. It was a dinner/ dance complete with silent, and dessert auction. The benefit was in support of one of my fellow dispatcher’s. Her family has been rocked with debt, sadness, and worry since her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Not just cancer, but a rare, in-operable terminal cancer. She has struggled for months just trying to keep her head above water.

She’s the breadwinner in the family. She has a son and daughter who are college age, and another young girl they’ve unofficially adopted. She was a friend to the daughter, and living in a horrific home environment until she found solace in my friend’s open arms and open home. This adoptive daughter is also college age. She is doing her damndest to keep a roof over their heads and feed her family of 5 adults.

After the initial diagnoses, there were many many tests and my friend did loads of research. She started her beloved on all kinds of wholistic therapies, which is also pricey. Then she found a phenominal option. Through a family member who has now been in remission for 5 yrs after the treatment, she heard about wholistic therapies and hyperberic oxygen treatment available just over the border in Mexico. The total bill for 30 days of treatment, and really the only option he has left after his diagnosis, is $6000.
Only 6 grand! Shit, I spent 4 times that on my Dodge Charger! If she could pour her whole paycheck in to the deal, she would have it in less than 2 months… but they have to eat.

The next thing you know, the women on her shift began planning the benefit, and there was NO way in hell I was going to miss it.
I bought a new sexy little dressed and suited up with my black knee high boots. The Ambassador’s eye’s lit up when he saw me. He put on a collared shirt and we took off… despite my anxiety kickin’ up.

I knew there was going to be a ton of people there from my work, and the last time I went to a work function the assholes criticized my date ­— AND had the nerve to instruct me NOT to bring him back. I, of course, told them to fuck off. I’ll bring whoever the hell I want! I was fired up! I mean, who the hell do they think they are ? Some nerve!

It just so happened that my date had been the only man in the room who was NOT a cop. Oooh, big surprise that they didn’t like him. It’s not like he was some dirtbag, either. He’s an accomplished and confident Real Estate broker. Too confident for their delicate sensibilities, I guess.

PLUS, I guarantee if it had been one of the officer’s dates they wouldn’t have said a word! She could have gotten sauced, knocked over tables, and barfed on the Captain’s shoes, and they wouldn’t have said “boo”. They play by a whole different set of rules though. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous.

The Ambassador, however, was confident and thrilled to be going out together. I don’t think he’d ever been to something like this. It’s one of the things I cherish about small towns… We do these sorts of things all the time and there’s always a fantastic turn out.

We walked in, hand in hand, and he was wide eyed. I paraded him around introducing him to various co-workers and friends. I’m sure his mind was all a blur, since there were SO many introductions in rapid succession.

He loved the silent auction pieces, and bid on one. We also bought raffle tickets, and entered the drawing for a couple of very large guns several times over.

The Ambassador was so attentive and sweet. He hovered near me, always having a hand on me… kissing me at the table. While I love being close with The Ambassador, it was even more especially lovely and awesome since we ended up sitting at a table near The Heinous Bitch that made my life a total living hell during my training. That heffer was scowling the entire time, and I know it’s terrible of me but I loved every minute of it.

We were also introduced to my boss/ friend’s new boyfriend. Lately, I have noticed that it’s apparently the relationship time of year. I don’t know about you guys, but damn near every single lady I know is now talking to someone, or in a relationship. Mostly in relationships. Shocking that it has seemed to happen for everyone all at once.

He was tall, but older and less attractive than the other men I’ve seen her with. She’s a sexy, slim mid forties hottie, with blond hair that falls allllll the way down her back. She’s got a crazy dramatic sense of style. He was all cowboyed up, with his big belt buckle and boots. I was quite surprised, and wondered what it was she saw in him that got her, in her words, “fully committed”.
After one month, by the way. Fully committed, like keys to each other’s houses and the whole thing. Man… guys have been trying to pin her down for like a year and a half now. I mulled it over, then finally asked her.

“He’s real” she said. “He’s real and verifiable. He was married for 20 years and widowed. He’s just solid.” Wow… there’s someone for everyone, I guess. What flips her switch is pretty dang different than what does it for me. Still, I am uber happy for her… and proud to say, I sent her to Plenty of Freaks, and that’s where she met him. It’s also where I met The Ambassador, so I guess I’m kind of crushing on POF right now.

The event was a complete and total success, and I found myself floating on a cloud thinking that we had just spent the last few days separately and together… supporting our friends. The Ambassador hanging out at his bestie’s recording session, me listening to The Sultry School Teachers divorce battle stories, and then attending the benefit. It feels so good.

The Ambassador had been charismatic and full of laughs… Which is really just who he is every day. When I got back to work this time,
I recieved loads of gushing compliments about my sexy
charming boyfriend. Hmmm, delightful, and not one criticism. See? We -do- teach people how to treat us. 🙂 Like Momma said… If you can’t say something nice…

OH, and my friend pulled in all the treatment money they needed. She and her husband/ best friend/ soul mate will leave for Mexico as soon as the passports arrive!

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  1. Yay! This was great to read this morning. Glad things with The Ambassador are going well and that your friend and her husband will be able to get to Mexico.

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