Prepping for the Next Step

Peacock Perch

A trip… a grand adventure. I don’t get them too often, as a single mom with a demanding career. On the days I don’t work, I usually have the kids. On the days I do work, I work grueling 12 hour shifts, with just enough time after to putter around and sleep to prepare for the next shift. I make time with my man…. don’t get me wrong, but an out of town overnight rarely happens.

I should also mention my stupid ass anxiety too. Stupid social anxiety! I manage it daily with vitamin supplements as I think most of it is due to a magnesium deficiency but certain things… Things that are new to me, or a stark contrast to my regular routine can send my anxiety soaring. (Remember the post “The Most Embarrassing Almost First Date Ever”?) Yet another reason why romantic get aways rarely happen in my world.

Still, seeing a window of opportunity with no kids and no work, both of us off on the same days… I siezed the day.

I planned a fantastic fun adventure at a tree house resort no too incredibly far from where we live. We would play in a tree house overnight, ride zip lines and laugh until we were completely out of breath.

I wondered how it all would go, since my anxiety can cause me to be a real pain in the ass when traveling. I wondered how we would travel together. How patient would he be? How nervous would I be? Is he the type to jump in the car and head out on a mission, not stopping until we hit our destination? OR will he want to stop at every little place along the way, meandering toward our intended location? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Ahhh, now that would be nice.

Would I be too controlling? This is how I get when I am anxious… I want to do the driving. I want to decide when to stop and when to eat. Somehow the thought that I have control of the vehicle soothes me somewhat…

See all these things one learns on a trip with a significant other? It’s kind of a big thing… I’d even call it a step in a relationship. Usually steps freak me out, but in this case, I’m actually excited. I know him well enough that I am comfortable with him, even if the change of scenery wiggs me out.

I played cruise director and made all the reservations, although consulting The Ambassador all along the way. He was down… no question there, and I knew he would be. We’re both kids at heart. Adventurous and eager for new experiences.

We booked a night in The Peacock Perch, pictured above, at a place featured on The Travel Channel called “Out and About”. Check them out here

I’m so glad he’s such a kid. I love this about him. I tend to lean more toward the serious side and need a goofy funny big ol’ kid to help me cut loose a little bit.

I’ve alsobeen thinking about others in my life and wondering if they would be quite so eager to truck through some mud and drag suitcases up three flights of stairs to a tree house in the winter… To swing on every rope swing in sight, and strap themselves to a zipline to fly from tree top to tree top on tiny rickety (but safe, totally safe) platforms in the rain.

I find myself prepping like crazy. Packing everything I could possibly need and even staying away from The Ambassador tonight so I can feel truly prepared and be up and at ’em tomorrow to prep and start the day.

Wish me luck and LOW anxiety. ❤

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  1. Bravo for stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s not easy to try new things when anxiety wants to hold you back.

    • Thank you 😀 It’s really the only thing to do. I refuse to let anxiety run my life & if I don’t venture outside my comfort zone… The anxiety monster just gets bigger.

  2. Have fun!! I looked at the place through the link and it looks amazing. Hopefully being in such a beautiful environment will ease your anxiety,… then again the zip line and rickety platforms might not help.

    • Oddly enough, I think the zipline thing will be fine. I spent my entire childhood climbing every tree in sight, swinging off rope swings, & diving off rock cliffs in to the lake… Only then I wasn’t strapped in with a safety harness. Maybe that’s why it’s not wiggin’ me out.

  3. I do wish you luck and sympathise as I suffer as well.
    What a beautiful place that is. 🙂 I am so glad you had a good time.

    • I think there are -loads- of people who struggle with social anxiety but keep it quiet. Understandably, it’s embarrassing.. For me, anyway. I don’t keep it a secret anymore tho. In just saying it “I’m having anxiety”, I have found others to be understanding & supportive. & if they aren’t… They can go to hell.

  4. Go for it. You’ll be so glad you did. And, that treehouse is really cool. Wish I could come.

    • I’m sure you are absolutely right 🙂

    • Thank you greatly… I’m excited actually. Funny, since the last time I was in a relationship and went on a trip, it was a disaster.

  5. I nominated you for an award!

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