Small Town Saturday Night

not sure exactly what -this- couple is looking at, since it's light outside

So, The Ambassador and I live in a small town. I would say a tiny town, but we have a Walmart therefore we are a class above the tiny towns. lol. There is no industry here and no real night life. They pretty much roll up the sidewalks before 10pm. There will be planned events now and then, but most nights it’s nothin’ but crickets chirpin’.

The Ambassador and I both work nutzo schedules… 12 hour shifts, weekends, etc. So, when we finally get an evening out, our choices are either make a 100 mile round trip drive to the city, or small town Saturday night.
Small towns are a beautiful thing in many ways, but I’ve found that dating requires some creativity. The Ambassador is quite good at this, as he’s adventurous and spontaneous. He once popped up at my house and asked if I could steal away. Luckily, my mother was visiting at the time so she listened for my kiddos, who were sleeping and we took off.

We drove just a bit outside of town and parked his truck… Then set up some camp chairs in the bed and looked up at the stars. This is redneck romance at it’s finest, and it works for me. We chatted, and shivered… We even found a flattened cardboard box in the back of the truck that we propped up to shield us from the wind. We chatted some more.

The chilly night air finally won out, and we headed back home. Just in time too, cuz my son had woken up and started vomiting just as I walked in the door. Ahhhhh romance, and the single mom.

Most recently we did a small town dinner and a movie. We walked in to our only Thai restaurant and sat down just after 7. We were immediately told they would be closing soon, but we were welcome none the less. We recognized the waitress. It’s a family run place and she is there ALL THE TIME. Seriously, every time we have ever been there– together or separately, she was there. We looked at each other, smiled, and asked her to wrap it up to-go.

Although, we do have a little movie theater with 2 screens, they offer only 1 showing a night at 7pm. They also quite often fill both theaters with films that feature talking animal secret agents. Talking animal secret agents make me want to poke out my own eyes, so we decided to stop by the Red Box instead. We lost our Blockbuster this summer, so Red Box is now our only option.

We grabbed a movie… I don’t even remember what it was, then headed back the house­- ate, laughed, cuddled up during the movie. It was beautiful.

It was no super exciting, chic city club. It was no gourmet restaurant with a coat room and a cork fee. Hell, we weren’t even able to do a standard dinner and a movie due to the lameness of this town— but we had a fantastic time.

THIS is my every day kind of life. I think it’s so important to find a partner you can be happy with doing even the most mundane things– because that’s what most of our lives are…. or at least mine is. Occasionally, I get a great adventure, but mostly I’m going off to work, coming home from work, chasing kids around or trying to catch my breath from doing all that.

I decided long ago that I needed someone who could have a blast doing these mundane things… just like me– because that is your life. Every day, every moment. I try to live them all passionately. Not just the grand moments–ALL of them, and I need a partner that wants that too.

I love this every day life with The Ambassador in it. Feels like I’m hanging out with my best friend. Our energy has really evened out and I feel like we are on solid ground and even footing. He’s also fabulous with the every day little things… He opens doors. He brings in wood. He carries groceries. There are lots of kisses, lots of touches and hand holding galore.

We’ve got the every day life thing covered… Wonder how we’ll do on a grand adventure… Got one planned in just a few days!

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  1. I live that life too… small town, 50 miles to the big city! We do have a Wal-Mart, but you’ve got us beat, we don’t have a movie theater or a Thai restaurant. We do, however, have 13 Mexican food places, so apparently enchiladas are all the rave around here! 🙂 My kids were all finally big enough for the hubby and I to start dating again (hopefully each other LOL) when we took in 4 more kids, back to square 1: What can we do in this gosh darned town to have a little fun?

    • In the summer it’s so much easier… There are all kinds of outdoorsy things to do but in the winter it’s a little different.

      Our small town does have dinner/ benefits fairly often… Support the fire dept or a friend who’s husband has cancer. That’s good. We have a really active YMCA, so we could go to a yoga class together or whatever. Even bingo could be fun if ur with someone you enjoy. I hit the local newspaper often to check out what’s happening. Even if it’s dorkym what the hey… We’re out and together 🙂

  2. Even if you live in a city with a zillion things to do, the bulk of your everyday life is still spent doing the mundane, You’re right, it’s important to find someone that you enjoy a movie night on the couch with as much as you would dining at a fancy restaurant. You may spend a few hours a week hitting the town, but the rest is normally spent lounging on the sofa, watching tv, grocery shopping, etc. It’s crucial to find someone you love to simply “be” with. Your man sounds great!

    • My thoughts exactly! He’s pretty great but it took us a hella long time to get here. Lol

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