My Most Cherished Valentines Day Memory

Headed home after a long day of hustlin’ cell phones and satellite TV, I sighed as I turned the knob and stepped in to my place. I immediately stopped, my eyes grew wide and I tipped my head to the side.

There he was standing next to the table, surrounded by candles in the dim light of the evening. He was a tall drink o’ water, 6’2″, broad shoulders, and tan. He was freshly showered, hair slicked back and in a button down shirt.

My face moved in to a crooked grin. I’d never seen him like this before. He’s all dressed up and misty eyed.

Our dinner was beautifully displayed on the table. He’d cleaned and cooked and primped.

Every flat surface of my apartment seemed to be covered with white glowing candles… The sweet smell so perfectly balanced and dancing in the air.

He stepped forward to kiss me and take my hand. We had dinner and filled it with laughter and love. From there we moved to the next room, which was not far at all in my itsy bitsy place… He’d set up blankets and massage oils, and began to slowly peel off my clothing.

The music hummed and I fully relaxed, letting my self be molded by his large hands. It was an absolutely incredible night… We fell asleep with candles still burning. Some slowly dripping wax on to my furniture. Arms and legs tangled in the nude on his make shift massage bed.

To this day I’ll never forget the sight of him standing there as I stepped through the door.

Even today I walk past my old end table and turn my head to catch a glimpse of the wax still coating the lip of the table top. That was years ago and still, just a peak can take me right back to that day.

So, to my Fireman– that writer, dirt jumper, photographer, shameless flirt, and sentimental soul I fell so madly inexplicably drunken in love with­–

I say –Thank you for that, Darling. Thank you. I was 31. You were 20, and despite our significant age different or the fact that we had SO little… really just a roof over our heads and barely enough groceries to cook that dinner… You gave me my most cherished Valentine’s Day memory ever. I’ll carry it with me always.

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