That Did -NOT- Just Happen!

I just had the craziest week. Sheer insanity, with a double dose of wtf.

My stupid heater is broken and I had to have the technician come and look at it at $70 bucks an hour. I was NOT happy about this as I had already stretched my budget by dropping an unexpected $400 on fuel for the damn thing.

Turns out it needed a part. I drove over 100 miles to get said part. When I returned, the Tech came back to my house, and guess what… It was the wrong part!

When I called the company to complain, the woman answering the phone was hella rude and hissed, “Well, you should have looked at it before you left.” To add to it, the super holy roller technician was still there so I felt compelled to refrain from bitching, blowing a gasget, and swearing up a storm. So, now, if I want to return it, I’m going to have to drive the 100 miles all over AGAIN!

The Tech thought he fixed the heater, but it only worked until he walked out the door and then broke again like a silent F-U to my efforts. I cuddled up in my bedroom with it all closed off and still shivering. My old ineffective lil electric heater trying mightily to heat the place up.

That night, The Ambassador sent me all these sexy text messages. I thought that was really bizarre. All that time, and now he wants to be sexy. I dismissed it. Didn’t want to over-think and figured maybe he was just messing with me.

Called the tech the next day. He ran around trying to get the correct part. He found it and even said he’d come back AFTER hours and mercifully not charge me extra for this– or for having to come back a third time. I just had to pay for the new part.

Now, I should tell you­- the guy who owns the heating and air place goes to my church. He’s got a heart for service and has helped me out before. When I bought my gorgeous foreclosure, I asked the Pastor to come and help me paint before I moved in. The owner of the heating and air company not only came to help but also brought supplies AND his entire crew. Since it was during one of their normal work days, he even paid them. They are good good folks.

So.. as I come rollin’ up thinking the technician would be there any minute… I see a huge stack of wood in my front yard. My jaw dropped. It’s an entire cord of wood. You see, these guys knew I had wood heat but ran out of wood. Because of my purchase of heating fuel, I couldn’t afford to drop another $200 on a load of wood. A couple of the guys from the heating and air company, and their wives, cut it, split it and delivered it. I was almost in tears.

That’s one of the beautiful things about living in a small town. People do this sort of thing all the time. Even still, the most incredible part of the experience was that I didn’t know who had left it. I asked the technician when he got there and could tell by the look on his face. Still, it was amazing to me that I have enough incredible people in my life, that I didn’t know who had left me this fantastic gift.

While the tech was working on the heater, my friend The Ambassador came by. Hilarity ensued, since he didn’t know the technician was a holy roller guy from my church. The Ambassador just rambled on talking about everything under the sun and using MORE than his share of words like “bitch, bitching, pussy”. I think he may have even dropped an F bomb or two. I was holding my breath until we stepped outside and away from the technician and I could tell him what he’d done. My ribs were just splitting, I was laughing so hard!

The tech got the heater running, and I got in The Ambassador’s truck to go rent a movie. My anxiety was running SO high after all the unexpected events. I guess my stupid anxiety doesn’t care if it’s good news or bad. It’s SO uncomfortable. I felt all panicky with my heart racing, my breaths shallow and my stomach turning. I HATE that feeling.

When I went to got in the truck, The Ambassador came around and opened the door for me. He even reached in to pull the seat belt for me. I thought that was a bit odd… Then, when I was bitching about my anxiety he said “You should sit over here next to me.”

“I should?” I asked.

“Yes, sit next to me” he said and then slid his hand in mine once I was seated in the middle.

Usually when we ride in the truck, I slide over to the middle to be close to him but since we are now just friends… I had climbed in and stayed on my own side. I decided I had no idea what the hell was going on but I’d roll with it.

We headed back and watched the movie. During the movie, there was cuddling. I rolled with it. Then, after the movie… Things happened. Sexy, naked things and I rolled with it — staying with my resolution to not over analyze.

It’s been like 5 or 6 months since I’ve had this kind of encounter– over a year and a half since I’ve been in a relationship and had any regular naked affections.
I was happy, but a little wigged out. My anxiety was really kicking my ass, so I bugged outta there.

I dropped back by before I had to leave for work, and once again sexy time ensued. I went off to work feeling kind of warm and fuzzy. I was feeling rather content at having been close with a friend. I did not have the drive for any further label, and honestly I didn’t know if it would ever happen again.

That night The Ambassador asked to see me again, and I went by his place. We laughed together as usual and then he said “we need to talk.” I teased him about that phrase “Haven’t you learned by now not to use all those words together like that?” Then I dove right in…

“What do we need to talk about? Let’s do it. Let’s talk. Let’s get it done.”

Ok, bloggers, you are not going to believe what happened next. I was quite shocked and wide-eyed myself. The Ambassador launched in to this entire monologue about how he had re-opened his Plenty of Fish account… He’d went on some dates. He’d even started talking to The Sneaky Bitch again. And then it began…

He was on this date and couldn’t stop thinking about me. Later, he was texting with The Sneaky Bitch… trying to explain what he was looking for. She’s an IDIOT, so she didn’t get it and then suddenly he realized… He had an epiphany… It was me. All that he’d been looking for, he had it in me right in front of him. He had found “the girl” and it was me.

I nodded listening intently. I had known this all along. Every time he talked about what he was looking for, I knew it was me. Of course, I was delighted that he had finally realized it. Damn that took a loooong time! lol

He continued…. A slew of wonderful thoughts and feelings about me spilling out of him. They were things I’ve been wanting for months to hear him say.

He went on to say “Where are we? What are we? Can we do the exclusive thing now? Can we be in a relationship? –Cancel our dating profiles. Can I call you ‘my girl’ and say ‘she’s mine’?”

It may have taken me a minute to respond. My brain was trying to catch up, and I was thinking “that did NOT just happen”… but then I said “Ya.. I’m in!” I did a dorky little happy dancing cheering “I wiiiiin! haha!” Smiling one of those smiles the rolls up from my toes, through my soul and leaps on to my face.

Now, I know there are many of you out there… including some of my serioulsy fav-o-rite people (you know who you are) that are thinking I am such a fool. I can just see you shaking your heads.. Maybe thinking, WHAT am I doing getting mixed up with this guy after alllll that? I respect that you guys want to be honest about what you think, and you manage to do that with out being brutal. I really really appreciate that.

I realize I’ve been driving you guys F-ing crazy. I understand that you feel that way, but I still need to do what I think is right for me…. So I want to lovingly say (brace yourself, here comes the sassy bitch)– I heart you guys, but be supportive, or step off, bitches. I’ve made up my mind.

So, there it is… Down a new road with The Ambassador.

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  1. I am SOOOO excited! The silver linings sometimes do shine through the clouds… 🙂

    • Yaya, silver linings!! I’m now curious to see if the wishy washy continues… Is that just who he is, or are we in a new chapter?

    • & I knew u’d like that, Blondie 😉

      • I’m thinking he may do the “2 steps forward 1 step back” dance a few times, but he’s gonna keep making progress, so patience my dear!!

  2. Well. Wow. No matter what ANYBODY says, this is what all girls dream about. That their ex will realize that he was wrong, and that you are the one! And it happened to you! So, until he does something undeserving, and let’s hope he never does. I am VERY HAPPY for you!

    • I know.. Shocked me. Hehehe.. Cute, tho.. My own little Rom Com!

  3. I am super supportive.

    For two reasons…I have found myself in this situation at least twice in my life. Once where he and I decided to just be friends…and were the best of friends…and then he had some A HA moment and I had to turn him down because I realized that the friendship wouldn’t survive the relationship once it ended…because trust me. It would have ended. And it would not have been pretty.

    I now find myself in a similar situation. Met a guy online…both decided we just wanted to be friends and hang out but could tell there was something there. I made it clear that me wanting to be friends with him, and nothing more, had nothing to do with him but with me realizing I wasn’t ready for more. And he felt the same. I also made it clear that if anything were to happen he would have to make the first move. 3 Fridays ago he made the first move. That same Sunday we well…had all kidns of fun….and again last night. I dare hope that I’ll get to have your moment of where he realizes I’m the one…

    Keep us posted!

    • This is the first time I’ve ever had this kind of moment really… And def the first time I’ve been a part of the “official relationship” talk. I couldn’t not have even imagined how it would go. It was pretty rad 🙂

  4. Congratulations! That is awesome that your ambassador has finally come around to realizing you are the one. I look forward to all the steamy new relationship blogs!

    • Yes, The Ambassador of Ambiguity finally came around. I was as shocked as anyone! Steamy new relationship posts… Hahaha.. Well, that’ll put a new spin on my blog!

  5. Well I’M excited 🙂

    • Me too, Lady! It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been “in a relaionship”. I’m excited, AND kinda nervous.

  6. Good luck hon. This is what we’ve all been reading AND hoping for.

    And I hope he delivers ..> Fina-fucking-lly.

    If not, tell us. We’ll burn his house down.

    XO from the other side of the planet, with hope and .. stuff : )

    • Haha! I ❤ friends with strong protective instincts. Sersly tho.. It's wrong to start fires. Lol.

      • depends on the fire!!

        (And if you get caught)
        *evil grin*

        My wish is we have no need to do anything more strenuous than light romantic fires to drink hot choc by, tho .. 🙂

  7. Amazing that he could flip the switch just like that.

    • Idk how much of a flip the switch it was… I mean me & The Ambassador seriously gel. We’ve been connecting amazingly well since our first date but he just kept holding at at arms length.

      What I will say is, he def has his own pace & he stuck to it even if I was pouting and stomping ny feet. He wouldn’t let me rush him… That’s a good thing. Kept him in a dominant position but without being domineering. I’m super glad for it now.

  8. Congratulations! Everyone makes mistakes and giving someone another chance can be a good thing. I would do the same in your shoes.

    • Yes.. Def a good thing. When I look back at the text msg break up, I can see my part in that whole thing. I totally pushed him & I know by now that does not receive a kind reception from The Ambassador. Things coulda been done diff on both sides– Keeping that in mind, but moving forward! 🙂

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