Here’s Your Hail Mary

The Ambassador texted me a couple of times. He sent pictures of something he had bought in the city — maybe an explaination of what he was doing the last couple of days while he totally blew off plans we had made? Whatever dude.

I finally just spilled it and texted him. This the Hail Mary I was talking about. Here’s it is…

Cadence: “Are you –trying– to push me away?”

Ambassador: “I’m afraid that if I am honest with you, you will leave me like the rest.”
(Remember I talked about baggage?.. We all have it in some form or another.)

Cadence: “Honey, if you DON’T talk to me, I’m going to leave. I don’t want to but it makes me miserable. You’re distant anyway & when you blow me off like the last couple days I feel like I am NOT important to you at all. I don’t know what else to do but my patience with your wall is almost totally gone 😦 ”

I did not hear from him for several hours, and then there was a string of bs small talk text messages about nothing.
I’ve had enough. I’m saying “when”. I’m just going to leave it alone for now. That may not be the best idea either, though. *sigh*

Watch– what’s going to happen is, I’ll get back engrossed in my own life, no longer letting him rent space in my head, get happy, and then he’ll come back around. Atleast that’s what happened last time. He’ll just come back and fuck up my piece of mind.

In emailing with Danny from 504, he said there’s “more red flags than a communist parade.” (Does this man have a talent for stringing words together, or what?) That’s terrifying. I need to back up off that, for sure. You would think I’d have learned LONG ago to listen to what my friends, and family say about a guy. You would think… but noooo.. I find myself running around friend shopping for the one who’s feedback I like the best. Sometimes I’m ridiculous.

I guess I’ll treat it like a Rubik’s cube… Upon getting frustrated and near irate —instead of starting to smash things with it (I’m guessing this is probably not emotionally healthy behaivor. lol)… I’ll just put it down.

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  1. Why do I keep reading this blog in hopes of hearing this poor fool got his ducks all in a row…. I am hopeless addicted to happy endings… I’m picturing you in black leather pants singing “you better shape up, cuz I need a man, and my heart is set on you…” LOL

    • Ooooh, fantastic Grease reference! Love that!

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