She Looks Like SEX

After the Bratz doll experience with The Ambassador of Ambiguity… I realized he was very affected by my tall boots, cleavage and very short skirt and I like it! So, although I realize we are taking it slow… a girl still wants to be wanted. So, I have made sure to put on some heels, and a skirt — pretty much something sexy every time I see him.

It’s working very nicely. I’ve finally flipped the switch on his dirty mind. We also had a little talk, and I told him I wasn’t trying to press anything but sex is absolutely one of my favorite topics so I will be talking about it… joking about it.. whatever I see fit. I’m tired of feeling like a nun because I don’t want him to think I’m pushing him.

This talk went over very well and he’s responded to my amped up attire in a favorable way… One night he even confessed he would not stay over as he was too damn horny and couldn’t take his eyes off me. Yeee-haaa!
There was an ass grab, FINALLY a kiss and as I stopped by his place to bring him lunch he gave me some elevator eyes and said “You’re all tits and ass today.” Ooooh, loved that one!

Great song! It's where I stole the title from

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  1. Finally! A kiss! And?

  2. Yeah, really…. where are the kiss details we have all been hanging on for?

    • The kiss was very nice and very natural. He has wonderful lips. We stood close with our bodies melting together and it was the perfect blend of romance and affection… Although right now I would have traded that for lustful passion!

  3. Sorry, but I’d have given you elevator eyes then led you back inside for some “playtime”

    “your’s all tits and ass today.” lulz. I’ve used that one before.

    • **sigh** I miss playtime and my patience is running out.

  4. I’d say it’s time to MAKE PLAYTIME HAPPEN!

    • I’m workin’ on it 🙂

      • I have to el-oh-el at Cali guys. Sorry babe.
        I loved in SD for a year and I cleaned house. I’m really pulling for yah, but this guy sounds like a waste. Taking it slow is one thing, but he’s moving at a glaciers pace.

        I too have been screwed over in the love game, but I’m not gonna torture a woman because of it. If I were him, I’d have made a move by now. I KNOW exactly where your head is Dear and I wouldn’t put you through this kind of agony. Lol. Thanks for the link love btw.

        Now turn around and hike up that skirt. I’m hungry.

      • @Danny.. Seriously luv the feedback. You made some good points & my patience is pretty well run out. What irritates me the most is not the “going slow” but that it is a symptom of him keeping me at arms length.

        I am considering stomping my feet over it and giving him the chance to pull one last hail mary, but idk.

        & to that last line… Yowza!

  5. like i said Woman, i’m pulling for ya. i really am. but i’m starting to feel like this guy doesn’t deserve yer epic rack.

    don’t make me catch a red-eye out to your neck of the woods and make you happy God made you a woman. i’ll do it. serslee. but you might need to take a “sick-day” to recover. lol.

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