Rah Rah Giant Big Wheel!

So, The Ambassador and I were talking about being a kid… Still being an adult but being a kid at heart. I love his fun, playful, mischevious side. He keeps me laughing and it brings out the playful side in me. We talked about a giant adult size big wheel. I said “oh, I’m sure you could find one of those online.” He did NOT think so. He swore no one makes them.

The next day, I remembered and looked it up online. Sure enough I found a big wheel. Of course it was like HUNDREDS of dollars.. but whatever. It exists! I posted the linke to his Facebook.

His reply when he saw it was what REALLY surprised me….

Ok, so this is Cadence’s win over an idea I was complaining about, and its here. I would wear my work daily’s, just to play with this…..Proof as we get to grow with our generation leading the pack we rule the fun and ideas as kids we bring with our adult, why else would we be excited with a Transformer movie, GIJOE? Now the big wheel return, so fun, and I would feel the right to punk you, when I look over seeing the car, knowing the judgement passed from a glance of a passer by, screeming “I Wiinnnnnn”. as I powerslide main st in front of you car…..So in love with this…..love

Wow… quite an emotional reaction over a big wheel.

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