Talking in Code

This playa could seriously talk some code! lol

I swear sometimes The Ambassador of Ambiguity talks in code, or operates in code… whichever is the flavor of the moment. AND it’s double extra worse if we are messaging vs. talking. This makes things painfully confusing since I have been dealing with his emotional push-pull as well.

Now, the Coupletastic blog had a great post the other day that I found helpful. It’s titled “Dating in Stages”. Here’s the link:

Although, I do feel like he’s flip flopping between stages at times.

The other day he posted something on Facebook about having someone in your life you thought you were meant to be with but that person continues to make choices that keep you on the sidelines.

What the hell does that mean??? Let me tell you, I had pretty much a 12 hour freak out on that one, since he was at work and I couldn’t reach him to ask. SO, what do I do? I call my besties and tell them about it. OVER analyze everything it could mean, and then it turned out to be nothing.

Some girl who was totally ancient history had popped up on his FB to say “hi” and he was thinking about how he would NEVER go there. He was thinking in the past he had thought they were meant to be together, but she continually proves him wrong.

Ok, so I got that out of the way. He tells me he wants to co-host a party.. Yet, I am still, as of yet, UNkissed. He tells me he’s considering trading his 2 seater Jeep in for a vehicle that will have room for “all of us”, which I assume means my kids.
The other day– for the first time– I got a text message that just said “Hello, Doll Face”. Ahhh, what a relief that was. Simple. Direct. Sweet.

Now, he sends me a message that says “I was thinking, I think the hardest thing I try to do is open up fully with others with my emotions. Speaking them is easy.”

I’m thinking… Is this some sort of explaination for the lack of kissy time? Hmmm. I just replied “I’ll keep that in mind. That’s a hell of an insight.”

Later he messages “Is that bad that I hold back a bit? I’m just used to being hurt even by family & friends. Doesn’t really matter.”

How do you answer that? I’m just not judgement that way. Is that bad? Odd question. I replied that holding back won’t stop you from getting hurt but it will stop you from living life to the fullest.

I considered following up with “Are you holding back with me? If so, STOP IT! lol” but I didn’t. I just let it ride…..

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  1. Maybe he’s been told by one girl he’s a rubbish kisser – it’s all it takes to throw someone’s confidence cos let’s face it we do tend to go on about how awesome kissing is (and as far as bases go, it’s a critical one) ..

    Lady, I think you need to take the bull by the horns.

    Kiss that man! Or it’ll become too big an elephant to contend with ..

    • I just don’t know with this guy anymore. I’m like a fish out if water.

      • yeah I can’t say I blame you. God knows you’re being way more cool (to him, anyway lol) about it than I would be. The only downside to you kissing him is it could be one of those horrid peck that fails, types and freak you both out but maybe if you can liquor him up!?! 😉

  2. Actions speak louder than words.

    Yer welcome. Next.

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