Oh Baby YOU Got What I Need

SO, I got off worked and I primped… but not like before. I am just at a place where I care, but I just don’t want to put a whole lot of work in to it since I’m very aware of the fact that he may -once again- make NO moves.

I get over there in my jammie pants and furry boots with Tarot Cards in tow. I read Tarot. I’m not super good at it, and still have to read the book as I am going along… but that’s not a bad thing. It tends to make it a more casual experience.

The question he asked of the cards was whether or not he was going to get promoted and transfer the hell out of this town. I hate when he talks like that.. about leaving. I love having him around the corner from my house. I feel close to him and I already have enough friends that frickin’ live far away. 😦

Anyway, I lay the cards out and read them as they fall. Turns out the cards pretty much answer his question with “no, no, no” which really makes me laugh. I honestly think we were put here for a reason. I am sure I met The Ambassador for a reason. I’m certain I have things to learn from him, and vice versa. Who knows, maybe he was put in my life to sloooow me down.

I remember the very second I first saw him. I remember what he was wearing down to the tiniest details on his stylish brown shoes. I can relive the feeling of seeing him and saying to myself “Oh… YES!!!”

We have a connection… and crazy as it might sound– I KNOW when I’m going to see him. Almost a psychic connection. I have had this experience with one other man… The Fireman. That means something.

Now, of course, I haven’t said this stuff to The Ambassador. I don’t want to scare him off or anything. In fact, I’ve got a bunch of strong feelings I haven’t shared yet. He’s just goofy, funny, sweet and sentimental. He’s hard working and despite the sensitive side, has a fighting spirit from growing up on the street. He has the strength of a survivor, but the softness of a philosopher. Appparently this combination makes me weak in the knees and unable to remove that a line from an old Biz Markie song “Oh baby YOU got what I need” from my head.

I want The Ambassador to do well in his career, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t say I wasn’t delighted to think fate wanted him to stay close to me.

We snuggled up on the couch and laughed our asses off watching “Bad Teacher” (I returned that rental like 16 days late… totally worth it! SO so funny!)

At one point he asked me to stay. This struck me as kind of out of order. I mean, I usually have sexy play time before sleep over time. Plus, I was still UNkissed so it seemed… weird. I don’t know. Did I really want to show this guy that side of me.. Wakin’ up with my hair sticking up every which way and everything that goes along with that??

Once it passed 2am, my stomach started feelin’ funky. I think it was just my body reminding me that this was a complete and total departure from my regular schedule and not a welcome change of pace. I declined the overnight invitation mentioning my stomach. I also wanted to have a smoke. The Ambassador doesn’t smoke and I still haven’t rid myself of that disgusting habit… but I never do it around him.

He then offered a massage… I think he said something like “one of these nights maybe you’ll let me give you a massage” and I said “how about tonight?”

He went in the bedroom and started straightening the blankets. Got some lotion and I modestly stripped off my shirt and bra. This was slightly difficult as I’m not uber modest and I’m quite proud of my rack… but I didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

He was goofy and funny as usual, singing “She’s getting naked in my bed.. She’s getting naked in myyyy bed ”

He rubbed my back for a while, adjusting himself several times to avoid a brush with anatomy. (Tooo bad, that coulda been fun! 😉 ) But nope… he rubbed my back and we talked.

He was the most respectful, keeping his hands to himself guy I’ve EVER had massage me. One loooong sweet hug and I was gone.

I’ve got to tell you— I can’t even count how much time I spent wondering if I should have stayed. I had missed an opportunity, sure, but I wasn’t worried I wouldn’t get another. Somehow I had managed to go home UNkissed and yet… feeling securely OUT of the friend zone.

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  1. LMAO! Brilliant … So I’m a little worried that he’s a bit slow on the uptake (hell, he had you nekkid, almost) but at the same time .. slow can be awesome sometimes too.

    Unkissed tho? That’s amazing .. Maybe someone has criticised his kissing in the past, it can have such a big impact when that happens.. you just never know huh.

    Waiting with ya .. impatiently .. grins ..

    • Ya, he’s doing the slow thing on purpose. He thinks it’s the key to creating something meaningful that lasts… It’s like torture.

  2. From a male perspective, I believe he wanted to earn your trust and show he respects you, from what you wrote he was the perfect gentleman.

    Besides, if he had to adjust himself you know he is atrracted to you, us fellows cant hid the stiffie truth ya know.

    I would say kiss the man when you see him next, assuming you desire to, he made a move, a unique one but amove none the less, your turn!

    • My turn? Is that how it works? Tit for tat? — I was not aware.. but I like that 😀

  3. -adjusting erection=good. You make his wee move. Good girl.

    -not going in for a kiss=bad. Fortune favors the bold and your hamster is comIng up with excuses as to why he might not have done it when all the while you were screaming, “KISS ME DAMMIT!!!!” you gave him an adequate open with removing your shirt and releasing the girls you are rightfully proud of. He let you leave without extinguishing your tingle.

    Bad boy.

    And I know it frustrated you because it’s VERY evident in this post. Lol. SOOO….tell me more about this rack of yours. Lol.

    • Yesssss. He’s a bad bad boy and he’s driving me a little crazy not extinguishing the tingles. He’s purposely building a fire!

      • “He’s purposely building a fire!”

        but do you think he’s AWARE of what he’s doing?

        look, it i were him, i’d massage your back and whatnot…but eventually i’d have been kissing your neck and shoulder blades, and making sure you KNEW that erection was still raging. i’d KNOW you took your shirt off as an IOI to me and as a sign that “you wanna play”.

        now i know what you said before about his rushing into relationships. but i think your guy friend is spot on. you’re not a teenager anymore. if you wanna play into the jr. high fantasy that’s on you. but it’s almost like you’re therapy for this guy and his relationship baggage.

        i think your epic rack deserves better. but again….your call Angel.

      • Therapy for relationship baggage… jr. high fantasy.. Wow. I’ll have to let that marinate a bit… and yes, he’s aware. He’s told me many times before that he’s “going slow” on purpose. Although, my “epic rack” (LOVE that) does deserve loads of attention!

  4. “I’ll have to let that marinate a bit.”

    look, i have a dick, so i just don’t have the gumption to wade through the girly posts you making about this. i’ll email you and just talk to me directly.

    he’s going slow. cool. but (and again i never read EVERY post you made in regards to him so i can’t really gauge) i meant does he KNOW and is he purposely making you tingle just to tease you. if he is, PLAYER. if he isn’t…..issues. look, i LOATHE games and it’s clear you want this guy. he needs to step up to the plate and quit dicking around. if it were me…..i’d have you on your back already and thanking God you were born a woman. sex doesn’t equate a relationship per se.

    if the sex is good, it’s 10% of the relationship. if the sex is bad, it’s 90% of the relationship.

    • Aren’t all my posts “girly” posts?

      • “…need a pap…” ha! and yet here you are!

      • If that was directed at me….

        I can always quit commenting darling. Lol.

      • Hopefully you won’t do that.. I dig ur feedback

  5. oh……i forgot to mention…..

    let’s get back to this epic rack of yours, this is of interestz to me. lol.

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