I’m in a Sexy State of Mind

Just havin' a freakin' fantastic time!

Started out this morning with sex on the brain… not that this situation is much different than my usual but I woke to a messsage from The Ambassador.

I had asked him if he wanted to hang out monday or tuesday night after I get off work, as it’s my only time off mommy duty this week, and he replied “what do you suggest?”

Ha!! What do I suggest? All kinds of hot sweaty kinky sexy things involving nakedness and lips and more nudity. Hehehe.. I didn’t send him that reply as I don’t want his eyeballs to pop out of his head and jump around while he’s trying to read his email.

I replied. “Ummm. Idk. I hadn’t really planned an activity. Strip poker? Spin the bottle? Naked Twister? Truth or dare? 7 min in heaven? Dirty Minds? Monopoly? Oh yeah, I don’t have monopoly ;)”

I spent the morning primping and such… walking around in heels with Pandora playing. I picked out some playful Victoria Secret panties and matching bra. I love VS– It’s a fabulous little treat for me to be able to pick out some fun or sexy or maybe naughty pieces to put on under all my clothes.

I pulled on some fab little boyshorts. I’ve recently slid back in to these as I am seeing my curves becoming slightly more voluptuous. The boyshorts create a gorgeous curve over my bottom and camouflage my tummy a little bit. (Another reason I love VS… you can find panties in about any cut you want which = the right cut for your gorgeous curves.)


Suited up in panties and heels, I put on the magic courtesy of Mac's beautiful make up and click clacked around my house getting ready for work. Put myself together –booty looking great, showin' a little cleavage, jewelry. I'm dialed in!

What a fantastic way to start my day! I've got Folders beat for sure!

I have to say, though, I owe this sensual playful morning to Barbara Keesling, PH.D. You see, I was puttering through one of our chic little thrift shops the other day and I spotted a book inside a glass case where they apparently keep treasures of all sorts. It's Barbara's book "The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex."

Now, I almost didn't buy it since I certainly don't consider my self a "Good Girl". Don't get me wrong, I'm sweet. I'm all heart, but I've had that whole "lady in the street, whore in the bedroom" thing figured out for some time now. Still, it's been a little while for me and even my last few sexy playdates were blahhhhh. So, I thought about picking it up as a boost to rev up my Bad Girl side. I think she may have fallen asleep on me when I wasn't looking.

Then, I thought "nah- I don't need it." I was having this whole vicious internal struggle over $5 book until I thought about the blog. "What was I thinking? Of course I should buy it. It'll be research for the blog!" So, I grabbed it– One mischievous smile from the wrinkled 98-year-old woman operating the cash register, and I was out of there.

I opened up the book right away, since I can barely resist.. It's got SEX written all over the book jacket! I couldn't wait.

Turns out, the book is filled with a fabulous Bad Girl training program. I mean “Bad Girl” as in sex on the brain all the time (I was vetted in the club looong ago) not the crazy bitch kinda bad girl.

I’m having a blast dusting off my inner Bad Girl… Trained by an earlier generation of Bad Girls– For instance, My Mother -The Gypsy Woman and her “Love The One You’re With” theme song, her sisters The Busty Boufante, and The Sleek Seductress who’s had her man wrapped around her little finger for nearly 30 years now.

It’s not that these women were or are in any way tawdry or skanky. They are simply women who are fully comfortable with their sexuality and open and honest with their daughters. I could ask any of them anything without being embarrassed or judged. They let me take the lead with learning about my girlhood and emerging sexuality… When I was young they answered questions simply, and as I matured so did their answers.

They taught me to be PROUD to be a woman and feel that it’s a beautiful gift. They taught me to be comfortable in my own skin, and realize sexuality is a healthy natural thing. It doesn’t matter what your make up, how thin you are, how much make up you wear… Your sexuality and magnetism come from inside you. It’s priceless, and unique to every woman.

I was incredibly blessed to have these women raise me up, but not every girl is so lucky..

Barbara’s sassy book covers everything from why you might be feeling so modest, how society can stifle you, and sensual ways to walk, to talking dirty, as well as giving a hell of a hand job and how to blow your man’s mind with a bj. So, if you could use some instruction or even if this book just peaks your interest because sex is your absolute favorite subject– it’s a good read.

The Good Girl’s Guide To Bad Girl Sex by Barbara Keesling, PH.D

I am working my way through this book as we speak, and its perfect timing as I’ve set my sights on The Ambassador and decided to cut out any other “situation” or players in my game, until I see how this all rolls out. Not to mention, I am tired of waiting or being in only half way. (I mean emotionally, not in a dirty way– I haven’t even gotten that far yet! lol)

I will be seeing him in the next couple of days… He’s had time to absorb the talk we had. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen!

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  1. Omigosh. Your posts of late are riveting. I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!! I hope The Ambassador is man enough for you.

    • Riveting! What an incredible compliment. I’m quite certain he’ll be man enough… but girl, after all this waiting and “going slow” I might just break him off when I finally do get a hold of him!

  2. Yeah, and I’d say Barbara Keesling needs to hire you as her main PR person. Very well written. I’m in a sexy state of mind too. Happy New Year!

    • Oh thank you greatly! Love the feedback!

  3. hhmm,..I think I need that book,lol

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