Game ON!

This morning just after I woke up, I was searching the internet on my phone and when I started typing P-U, it suddenly popped up offering websites about “eating pussy”.

How the fuck did that happen? What? Even the internet knows how badly I need to get railed? Jeez, this is ridiculous. I’m not just de-frosting, I’m heating up!

Oh, I’ve been so randy lately, and today I made the mistake of reading one of Scarlett’s girl on girl action posts… I got all revved up here sitting at my desk. I HATE that feeling. I’d like to be able to work one out, when that happens and I just can’t bring myself to take care of sexy business in the work bathroom stall. Yucky.

I’m super stoked right now tho. I just talked to The Ambassador and we are hanging out tonight. Oooh, and he’s going to cook. He’s an amazing cook!

You can imagine that the food is NOT what I am so excited about. He sounded excited and was using phrases like “I’ll keep you all to myself.” Uh, ya baby!

It’s been weird with him lately. We’ve been messaging and it has been so astronomically confusing! Sometimes I have NO idea what the hell he’s talking about. I had pretty much thrown my hands up thinking if it hasn’t happened by now… It aint’ gonna. No answer. No moves. There’s your answer. But the way he sounded has resurrected my naughty dirty wet rough cravings for him. Yeeee, this is kinda fun!

Won’t seem so fun if I go home frustrated confused again, but hey… what is life without risk?

I have thought over what I wrote in “I Guess We’re Going to Have That Talk” and I’ve decided GAME ON.. I’m going with –“Oh you missed me? Just how much?”

I am heading home quickly to get showered up, shaved and changed in to the comfies we always sit around in. Not that it matters what I’m wearing — I can be just as sexy in yoga pants as I am in my knee-high boots.

I’m also NOT going to get any release before I go over there… Maybe that’ll help my game. We shall see….

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  1. mmmm…eating pussy… I can’t help but chime in…it’s a passion of mine…I so love to take my time and use a billion different techniques…it’s all about puliing my intentions closer to my mate’s. I’m a bit of a hygiene king…but if a girl is clean as a whistle? I’ll live in the southern lands for quite a while…it’s so fun to roll a girl’s orgasms over and over… and then to let her body rest for a few minutes, only to bring her to full boil once more…

    It’s a big passion of mine…so much fun… thanks or this wonderful post…love it…yet just know…it’s no game to some of us…some of us work in ways that would confound and ridicule most men when doing instead of just talking… the result is what you want…any guy can give you hype…

    your pirate….


    • Hey T- always great to see you pop up. & I agree that it is not a game to some.. but with The Ambassador it does often feel like a game of strategy. The push-pull is maddening but I’m hangin’ in there… for now.

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