Here We Go Again– No Game!

I just got back from The Ambassador’s place. He did NOT make a move.. nothing, nada, niet! I was touchy feely. I was perfumed, and lookin’ good.. even showing some of my delicious cleavage and nothin’. What the hell?
He made the effort to hurry home so he could clean up and all. We sat on oposite ends of the couch but with our feet all cuddled up under a blanket.
I am starting to feel the wave of frustration I was drowning in before he went off with The Sneaky Bitch. I see all these conflicting things.
He looks me up when he gets rid of The Sneaky Bitch. He’s waiting for me. He lights up. He slides in behind me the other day… We laugh our asses off together, talk about anything… He says he missed me (over and over again). No kiddin’ –he should have been with me the whole time. He’s all these things I’ve been looking for. This can’t be just one sided. It doesn’t make sense.
Soooo, what’s a girl to do? Do you KNOW the effort a girl puts in for a date like this? Hair, make-up, clothes all carefully picked out. Making sure I was awake enough to stay up late with him. Then no moves?
I considered trying to talk to him, which I do NOT think is a good idea. I mean, I tried that before and it did not go well. I’ve even thought about making conversation playfully like “I have been hangin’ out with this incredible guy but he never seems to make a move. What do I do?….. it’s YOU silly.” I wonder if that would work any better.
At the same time, maybe I should see it as a red flag. I desperately need a partner that I can communicate with especially when things are tough.
He seems to have been with these pretty aggressive women, but I don’t want to go to far and turn him off… Or worse, get wrapped up in a situation where I’m all attached and happy and he doesn’t feel the same.
I have no idea what to do, but I wish I’d have done something more. What the hell is going on in his head? What is he thinking? Feeling? Anything?
I’m even wondering if I should just step back. If he wants me, he’ll come to me. That’s not really authentic. That’s not how I feel and I’m fuckin’ tired of playing it safe.
I wish I had just went in for the kiss. Too frickin’ late now AND now I don’t know when I’ll see him alone again.
It’s occured to me too that after I do make a move… it’s out there. It’s all changed, and I can’t take it back but I don’t even care. I have enough fuckin’ friends. I want something more. I feel like I’m just rackin’ my brain trying to read him, and I’m GOOD at reading people. Hell, I grew up in a house where you had to read him or her to survive… or at least avoid a beating. I KNOW how to read people, and I’m tellin’ ya– this guy is in to me.
Well, I have no idea what to do. Captain Amazing told me to put a time limit on it and make sure he knows what I want.
I do NOT want to get put in the god damn friend zone again, but I will admit that I am IMPATIENT to the max.
Well, I’ll do it. It’s on now…. I’ll be looking for any way to get my lips on his. I’ll give it the rest of the week since I first saw him. That’s another 2 days… After that, I may just step away.
What do you think, readers? What should I do?

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  1. Don’t play it safe. If you don’t want another friend, then make a move. Kiss him first. I’ve done it many times. Or say to him, “Aren’t you going to kiss me?” What do you have to lose?

    • I echo these sentiments.

      • Thank you for the feedback Pensive & Blaze.. I like it… Besides– Play It Safe = Booooring!

  2. meh…I’m not gonna feel sorry for you…you chose the wrong man… if you would have been my date, I wouldn’t have kept my hands off you… you’re amazing and I would have been attempting to show you how incredible you are…

    yeesh… when you feel the need to be touched, come near me….adore more than just your name… wink..wink…


    • Oh you naughty pirate! 😉 That was quite the overt flirtation! I’m not ready to call him “the wrong man” juuuust yet. I know myself well enough to know I’m not naturally patient. Once I’ve decided what I want, I want it right now…. But in truth most of the BEST things in my life have required me to wait.

  3. If you really want him, go for it. Kiss him. He may back away, put you in the friend zone, but if he does, at least you’ll know and you will be able to move on… but its possible that he is gun shy because he knows he made a big mistake with the sneaky bitch, and maybe he knows he doesn’t deserve a second chance, but heck, just because he doesn’t DESERVE it doesn’t mean he can’t have it. So put it out there, cuddle up to him and say the words- “are you gonna kiss me or not?”

    • I don’t think he feels bad about the thing with The Sneaky Bitch, and he shouldn’t. I really think that was his counter move when he discovered I was still seeing The Collector. (I -hate- multi-dating!)

      I think I may just have to move in & take the first kiss. At this point I’m fairly certain he’s just nervous.

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