Beware! The Ambassador’s Hair is on Fire!

It seems The Ambassador has been running around with his hair on fire at work. It’s getting in to that holiday season and he works in retail, so it makes sense. Not to mention, his store is in the midst of a monstrous remodel.

So, today has been especially hectic, although the last 2 days were no picnic either (which is why I haven’t heard from him). He managed to run out of there to come home and call me (he doesn’t use a cell phone, ludicrous I know).

He said he was telling his boss that he had to leave and call me… “They think we’re dating so they’re giving me SO much shit” he said. The word “Dating” to The Ambassador = committed relationship.

They’re like “another girl?”. He replied “nooo, it’s Cadence.”

“I’ve talked about you a lot” he said. I did not know that, but it makes me very happy. He told them we were supposed to watch a movie, and he had to call me so I wasn’t just left hangin’. Then his manager busted in with “Well, what time were you going to watch the movie?”

“I don’t know, around 8 or 9 now, whenever I get off work” The Ambassador replied.

“Because I was going to watch a movie with her too” quipped The Boss “What movie are you going to watch? I don’t want to watch the same movie.”

The Ambassador cracked up telling me about this saying The Boss was trying to get all up in his game. Hmm… game. I recognize that word from all the “research” I’ve been doing reading dating blogs written by dudes. Teehee…

I’ll be seeing him tonight. GAME ON!

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  1. Get it, girl!

    Yes, I just said that.

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