Oh God, the Electricity!

I’m so stoked about this thing with The Ambassador. Went by his house on Friday while the kids were in school. I brought coffee (just like old times, ha!) and he showed off some of his new home decor.

I made sure to not just look at his new bedding set, but to crawl in there… This turned out to be kind of hilarious since his bed is hard as a rock. It was like laying on the sidewalk!

Good for leverage though, I thought to myself. Foolin’ around on a surface that’s just too damn soft can, well, interfere. 😉

We pulled up the internet on his giant TV and laughed our asses off reading The Best of Craig’s List and watching a youtube video of parents telling their children they had eaten all thier Halloween candy. (Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel!). It was frickin’ hilarious! Hangin’ out for about 3 hours. We didn’t even do anything and it was so stinkin’ fun!

The next day he offered to come by my place after work to help me move a shelf. I kind of sabotaged him, and got him to help me move a bunch of different things. hehehe.

At one point, I was telling him about the first crappy 6 ft tall shelf we were going to carry upstairs, and as I leaned down to grab ahold of one of the shelves and demonstrate it’s ability to nearly fall apart when moved… He stepped in behind me. His body layered mine and he put his hand over my hand. It was like time stopped for just a few seconds as I realized what had happened. Then the feeling of electricity… fireworks! Wow!

I’m tellin’ you people, he’s different this time around. Even though, you’d think he’d be more freaked out after the craziness of The Sneaky Bitch but he’s not. He seems like a man who knows what he wants, and is out to get it.

We talked and talked, even though he had plans with his buddy. We just couldn’t stop talkin’. As he walked out I stepped on to the porch, and he stood in the rain and told me that he planned to move. He needs to get to a bigger store where he has more promotional opportunities.

I fought to keep my composure but I felt such a wave of sadness come over me. I just got him back and he’s leaving?

Then, my logic took over. He’s been saying he is going to move out of this town since the first day I met him. Who knows what will happen, and even that wouldn’t be the end of the world. You’ve got to enjoy today while it’s here.

After he left, I realized I hadn’t thanked him… So, I carefully composed a text message to do just that in a saucy sultry kinda way “It feels SO good to have that shelf upstairs. Thanks for moving all that stuff with me.”

He replied “Anytime, I like helping with our projects Sorry I ran off so quick, I promise to devote Tuesday to you.”

Oh, YES, Tuesday. After I get off work, I’m going to go by his place and watch a movie. ***school girl squeals*** Something is going to happen… I can feel it! The only question now is, how far do I let it go???

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  1. Too funny. I’ve used bad Craigslist ads as a rapport builder on several dates. Didn’t know anybody else did that too. Side note: One of my personal ads made it onto the “Best Of Craigslist” a few years ago.


    • i’m not surprised.. You’re a hell of a writer. That craigslist thing was hella fun. I totally believe if you can get a girl really laughing.. You’re in like Flinn!

  2. I’m so happy for you!
    I just wanted to remind you that I love your blog so much. It’s so much fun to read about the romantic life of someone else, it gives me hope for college. And I’m glad it’s going so great with The Ambassador.

    • Oh, and of course. Don’t forget to dish on what happens on Tuesday. 😉

      • It made my day to see your comment. I think you’ve been with me from the very beginning. Thank you for stickin’ around!

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