The Magical Reappearance of The Ambassador

He’d been on my mind in a really intense way all day long. I was sure I’d run in to him. I went down to the store where he works and did some shopping but I didn’t see him. That perplexed me.

It’s the weirdest thing, I can always tell when I am going to see him. I’ll be walking in to his store and there’s a voice in my head, or a feeling. Even though it’s happened several times, it still surprises me every single time.  I have had a connection like that with someone before but only once in my life.

Well, I didn’t see him in the store, so I second guessed my intuition and went on with my day. Never second guess your intuition.

As I popped in to the Chevron to get some smokes, I saw a couple of trucks I thought were his.  I just  couldn’t shake the feeling.  The first time, I waved at a stranger (oops!  I’m such a dork) The second time as I pulled in to the parking spot, I only thought for a second that it was him parked next to me, and quickly realized it wasn’t. (weird, even writing this is giving me deja vu– like I have written it before)

I went inside and made my purchase and as I came marching out the door, I looked up and there he was —now parked in the spot next to my car. He had his arms folded. Chin resting on his arms leaning out the driver’s side window and smiling at me with his eyes shining.

OK, ok, so he wasn't posing like this but he still looked hott!

I lit up as our eyes met, and my chest filled with excitement and happiness. A huge smile spread across my face and I greeted him with an excited “Hi!”

He had this look on his face and there was a warm breathless feeling so palpable I can’t explain it. He started talking quickly telling me that he had broken up with The Sneaky Bitch.

Just an update if you havent been reading for a super long time… I was seeing The Ambassador of Ambiguity 3 months ago. We were hanging out all the time. He actually lives in my town. I’d see him usually, at least 3 times a week and talk to him everyday.

I was feeling insecure though, for whatever reason and I didn’t want to give up dating The Collector. The Collector has been around for a long time and I don’t know, I guess I was using him as a bit of a dating security blanket.

So, because he realized I was dating other people, he began to do the same. I would much rather he’d have just asked me not to see anyone else, but we all have our baggage and he was scared after coming off a bad relationship.

At one point, he was seeing The Sneaky Bitch and she got very aggressive with him… The Ambassador is not your average guy, and he’s very different from The Collector. Once he steps over that line, the sex line, he goes exclusive.

Once he crossed that bridge with The Sneaky Bitch, we stopped seeing each other. I tried to tell myself it wasn’t a big deal, since we had gone two months and never even kissed. I told myself we were nothing more than friends anyway, but the truth is… there were feelings there.

Captain Amazing always says “timing is everything” and I think I needed to get to a different place… a more secure place, where I could also be more ok with his “taking it slow” approach. I think I needed to be more comfortable in my own skin so I could let him see who I really am. I also think maybe he needed to get some of his fear out of his system… Maybe work out some kinks. That’s fine with me. Let her be the rebound girl!

Now he’s back in force. Telling me all about The Sneaky Bitch being crazy jealous and hacking in to his email and phone and everything. She was also getting all lovey dovey, and his feelings weren’t at the same level.

PLUS, she apparently wants another child and also wanted to stop using condoms. She told him she was on birth control but… he was skeptical. I guess at the end, he was terrified of getting her pregnant and walking on egg shells all the time because she was constantly angry with him.

I almost wanted to laugh. That’s just crazy. He’s such a pleaser. I can’t imagine being angry at him all the time. I’ve been angry at him a few times but it’s damn near impossible to stay mad at him.

I climbed in to his truck and we chatted in the gas station parking lot for a while. I had to pick up my kiddos, and invited him to come by the house that night.

He came by, we chatted and laughed together. I felt more comfortable with him than I ever had before. It was so obvious that there is something between us. I have to admit, previously, after two months and he’d never laid a hand on me.. I had to wonder, even though I’d had friends tell me they could see the chemistry between us. Last night, there was no question in my mind.

Last time, I felt like maybe I should have made a move but I never did. I am NOT going to let that happen this time. Last night, I was constantly aware of any time we broke the touch barrier, or if his gaze lingered. I got my mo-jo back and it’s ON like donkey kong! I don’t want to rush anything and scare him off but I’ll gradually start breaking the touch barrier more and more. I’ll get in his personal space and see what happens. I’ll even make a move to kiss him, if he doesn’t beat me to it.

I’ll keep you posted! 😉

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