The Trouble With Game

Lately I have noticed, the problem with game is finding someone I want to use it on. I think I’ve pretty well had enough of The Collector. I know I always say that when I haven’t talked to him for a while. He’s been hunkered down studying his ass off, but the other day apparently he decided he’s going to de-stress this weekend and posted an invite for anyone to go to some haunted house with him. Nice, uh, we’ve been kind of seeing each other and sleeping together for like 4 months and he doesn’t even give me a call? Haven’t seen or heard from him in weeks, and nothin’? Fuck this bs…

I almost texted him today. I was thinking I hadn’t heard from him in a while and thought maybe I’d see what he’s doing. Then I remembered “oh, ya.. I texted him the last time, and the time before that, and maybe before that too.” I hate to feel like I’m chasing a guy. I’m not going to chase a guy down to get his attention. Forget it.

Sometimes, however, I talk myself out of things (or in to things.. whichever). So, I told myself being worried about feeling like I’m chasing him is just silly neurotic bullshit and I reached for the phone… then I thought… “let’s just see if I want to message him”. Really, I was considering if I want to keep this thing going at all. I have been having this inner struggle for a while now. He’s not dolin’ out the type of attention I need. I really don’t feel any closer to him than I did when we were emailing and I had never even seen his face. It’s like not even a friendship is progressing. It’s frustrating and no fun at all… especially since I’ve invested time and energy in this situation. Now I have to go and start all over again with someone else? ugh!

I figured Facebook would give me a clue, and it sure did. I gathered from a series of comments that he’s seeing The Crazy Wine Girl again. I’m not fucking happy about that. Not happy at all. It bothers me on so many levels. I’m seriously done.

Then there’s The Psych Student. I’d LIKE to use some of my little tricks on him but I haven’t heard from him much at all, and I’m concerned he might really be a cheap bastard like I had heard rumor of.

I did have a first date the other day, but I swear, I am so stinkin’ burnt out on all this dating junk… I just didn’t even care.

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  1. ok first and foremost, I’ve gotta admit…I’m weak for any girl named Cadence.

    Now to the action…. game and all derivatives of real game for me, start when I kiss her and I can tell she’s passionate and misses being kissed by a man who means it.

    A man who has taken the time not to be a blathering idiot who is slobbering and sloppy, but a man who crafts the detail of attention to her lips, her breathing, the flushed look she needs to have when she parts from me… that kind of man is who deserves your game… the art of the game isn’t really about playing it, it’s about being amazing enough to have someone else want to win the game at any cost and allowing them to prove themselves along the way… in the end, there’s no game left, just two people who are the result of an amazing kiss and the knowledge both of them were worth the effort.


    • You craft words so well… I love “misses being kissed by a man who means it” and “in the end, there’s no game left, just two people who are the result of an amazing kiss and the knowledge both of them were worth the effort”.

      I am curious though.. Why so bewitched by the name Cadence?

  2. Game shouldn’t be ‘used.’ It should be something innate in your psyche. If you feel like you should ‘use’ it, it’s already lost.

    • don’t be a sassy bitch, Blaze 😛

  3. I’m with you on the dating junk. I have been dithering about totally dumping the guy I have been seeing lately because he seems incapable of giving me what I need, or keeping things going because…Well, because it’s better than nothing…Though how pathetic does that sound?
    Anyway, let’s hope we get lucky…And your sister’s story was a welcome reminder. Let’s be careful, this dating world ressembles a jungle at times. x

    • I get that… Once I’m in something even a little bit decent, I tend to stay around until the pain in my ass of it becomes more prominent than any good times.

      Who knows… We are all just out there tryin’ to figure things out.

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