A Dozen Ways To Kick Depression’s Ass!

Let’s face it, singlehood can be a lonely and low place to be… add to that –many of us ended up in singlehood through a fracture of the primary adult relationship in our lives and you may have depression trying to creep in.

I’ve certainly had my share of dances with depression. I have a family history of it, and it seems to stalk me — attacking at will. However, I refuse to let it run my life. Having fought this demon off so many times over the years, I’ve come to feel like an expert at pulling myself out of that hole. If you are struggling too, keep in mind the absolutely most important thing is in the entire process is to break the cycle… just take a step, and start moving in a positive direction.

1. WORK OUT— Maybe you’re not a meat head who loves to be in the gym. Hey, it’s not my most favorite thing to do either, but the truth is, it will boost your mood. It will raise your endorphins and kick-start your self-esteem. (For more info, hit up webmd  http://www.webmd.com/depression/guide/exercise-depression) You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym, in fact that’s not even a good idea. Start off slow to avoid injury, and do things in moderation to give your activity some longevity. If you are miserable the entire time, it’s going to be brutal trying to be consistent. Try to find something active you enjoy doing or something that will make it bearable. I started just walking. I pop my ear buds in and listen to my favorite songs to give me motivation and make it more fun. Get creative. Don’t want to lift weights? Play racquetball. Climb the rock wall. Try Yoga. Don’t want to run? Walk. Walk downtown and people watch. Walk loops around the mall like the senior citizens. Roller Skate. Ride your bike all over town like when you were a kid.

2. GET OUT — Depression can create such a vicious cycle. You don’t feel like going anywhere so you hide in your house.. which makes you feel even more down. Even more now, you don’t want to go out. Break the cycle. Force yourself to get out. Make it part of your routine Take a class or something if feeling obligated to attend something you paid for helps. Just get out of your house… and not just to go to work. OH, and don’t forget – make sure to put yourself together, because when you look good you– you feel good!

3. GET CONNECTED — People crave social and family connections. It’s the most important factor in a person’s happiness. PBS did an entire documentary series on emotions and this was one of their many findings.

(more more more info on this http://www.pbs.org/thisemotionallife/topic/connecting/connection-happiness)

So, get connected, whatever that takes. Take a moment to write an email. Take a second to fire off a text message. That’s why people are becoming so attached to their cell phones and their Facebook profiles… they are their keys to social connection. It may seem trivial, but truly it’s important.

4. GET MEDS — Sometimes you just have to do it. I know in my struggles with depression, sometimes I just need that kick-start. It doesn’t have to be forever but it might help until you get your motor runnin’ again. Talk to your Doc.

5. GET VITAMINS— They have helped me SO much. I can honestly feel a difference in my energy level and mood not long after taking them. Why not give it a try? One little multi-vitamin could make such a big difference. For me, my most essential vitamin is B complex. Not only does it help my mood, but it boost my energy level. It will even level out the afternoon coffee crash. (more info on vitamins for mood http://www.webmd.com/vitamins-and-supplements/lifestyle-guide-11/herbs-vitamins-and-supplements-used-to-enhance-mood)

6. GET AWAY — Sometimes we all need to step outside our environment. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to get away and save your bucks. Stay at a friend’s house. Choose activities that don’t cost a thing (like hangin’ at a park or walking on the beach). Pack a sack lunch for the trip. Just find a way to step outside your bubble.

7. GET OFF THE BOOZE — Put down the beer. Lay off the drinks. They really are a depressant and although it might help numb you out for a couple of hours but in the long run it will drag you down. (Here’s a great fact sheet on drinking and depression http://www.youthbeyondblue.com/factsheets-and-info/fact-sheet-8-drinking-depression-and-anxiety/)

8. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP, BUT DON’T OVERDUE IT— Many people I know sleep way too much when they are depressed. They sleep out of boredom, to escape the sadness, or because the depression has drained all the energy out of their body. So, get plenty of sleep but limit it to a healthy amount, and NEVER, but never sleep out of boredom. There’s got to be something better to do than sleeping your life away.

9. GET LAUGHING — We are lucky ducks these days… We’ve got Comedy Central supplying the funny 24 hours a day. Not much of a TV watcher? There are plenty of humorous books or blogs out there. There has GOT to be something that tickles your fancy. Not only does a good laugh let you forget for a little bit, but it also raises your endorphin level improving mood.  http://www.helpguide.org/life/humor_laughter_health.htm

10. GET SOME SUN — and I don’t mean lay out and get a tan. 80-90% of the Vitamin D in our bodies is absorbed through exposure to the sun’s rays. Vitamin D is used to treat man things, including PMS.

11. GET GOD— Getting in touch with your higher power can relieve stress and give you a sense of well-being if you can manage to let go of some of your stresses and give them to God. Also faith is a positive thing. It’s a positive outlook, and if you can find a little, it could relieve your stress a lot. You may also find a gaggle of warm optimistic people to help you along.

12. GET FURRY — Pets are fantastic for improving a persons overall health. Pets just make people feel good. Maybe it’s because they are just oozing the love out of all their pores. A pet wants nothing more than your attention and affection. They can also provide companionship and a reason to get up in the morning. Check out webmd for 27 ways pets improve your health  http://pets.webmd.com/ss/slideshow-pets-improve-your-health

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  1. Great post – after a tough year I can bond with a number of your points. Bring on 2012.

    • SO glad you liked it I should also add, and I can’t emphasize it enough.. POSITIVE SELF TALK. It’s everything.

  2. Been the worst 7 months of my life. Great post!

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