Ride The Wave

She floats on her board, watching the rolling waves turn to white and crash on the rocks. She breathes in the salt air and feels the wind caressing her skin. It’s waiting time. There’s a lot of waiting when you surf. You have to enjoy the hum and gentle rocking of the waves you can’t ride… but when catch one, one of those amazing waves, it’s like SO exciting.

It might be a monster wave that gives you a surfer’s climax and sends you gliding toward the beach. It could be that you thought it was a ride, but it fizzled and turned out to be nothing… and it could also be a rough gnarly ride that beats that jostles and jolts you, then gets you to crash and beats you beneath the water. Part of the beauty of surfing, you never know what kind of ride is coming your way.  It’s also never what you expect.

Love is like that… in fact, dating, and relationships are like that. During some stretches, the waiting is longer than others, but it’s a large part of the overall experience so it’s crucial that you learn how to enjoy it.

Incredibly words of wisdom from my amazing friend The Sweet Tri-athlete. Not only a smart, sexy single Mom but a super hott surfer girl as well. Love ya, girl!

The Sweet Tri-athlete and I have been in fairly heavy discussion lately about so many of her situations. She’s just out of a relationship as smooth as silk, that ended suddenly, jolting her out of her denial. There was certainly more going on under the surface with that man than she ever wanted to admit. She sees it now, as well as other scary signs like not being able to even say “luv ya” after 2 1/2 years.

She says things like “my mistake wasn’t falling in love with you, but assuming that you were in love with me.” Her eyes are open to the fact that she was far more invested in this relationship than he was. She paid a heavy emotional price for it too, crying herself to sleep for months and doing her best to explain to her young daughter why she was destroyed.

She now sits in my Old Hollywood style home, surrounded by velvet couches and fresh throw pillows, telling me about The Wealthy Fisherman, The CIA Agent and The Tom Cat.

Through our talks, I have learned much more about The Tom Cat. He’s a Gemini and displaying the two sides of his character in a fairly extreme way. Although she’s terrified of getting hurt, she realizes that life is a gamble. There’s hurt any way you look at it, so you might as well ride the wave.

She’s also “talking to” The CIA Agent whom she’s knew in college but hasn’t seen in 2 years. He’s taken a new post in DC and told her he wants to settle down. She sincerely believes he has his eye on the political arena. When I asked her if that was something she was interested in, she himmed and hawwed.

There’s also The Wealthy Fisherman with his manly traditional home overlooking The Pacific. In a way she feels caught, as she has a variety of feelings and thoughts about all three of these men but the one she’s drawn to is The Tom Cat.

With The Tom Cat she has that magic… That special and rare invisible pull that draws her to him and makes her skin hot. They have friendship, and heat, and he doesn’t know what he wants. At one point she decided she was DONE with him. Done with the fuckin’ mind games, and feelin’ jerked around. She was done trying to make plans to spend a weekend with him and then not hearing from him for days at a time…. only to be asked “so what are you doing this weekend?” wtf?

He was shocked and taken aback and set to changing her mind and convincing her not to end it.  For the moment She’s settled in to the situation (because we all know emotions are moment to moment) and has decided she’s sitting on her board in the ocean waiting for The Tom Cat’s wave. Her only issues now are the two nagging rich bitch girlfriends who seem to think that man with means is super incredibly important. (Stupid bitches, just let her ride her own wave and stop trying to fucking interfere!)

I just hugged her and said “Honey, I don’t care about any of that junk. I want to find someone I could be happy with even if we had to live in a tent.”

“Me too” she replied.

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