Update on The Ambassador

So, I just got off the phone with The Ambassador of Ambiguity. I totally didn’t expect him to be there or pick up so I was going to hit his answering machine with a smart ass message. “Hi Stranger, It’s Cadence. I don’t know if you remember me (ya, right) I’m about 4’10” brown hair, bright blue eyes, always laughing– around you anyway. Just in case you lost my number it’s ——-”

He did pick up though.. didn’t recognize my number. (I called on his house phone. He’s been holding out getting a cell phone for whatever ridiculous self-righteous reason). He sounded obviously confused, until I told him who I was — then it was “oh heeeey, I was wondering if you still lived here. I’ve been driving by your house. I’ve been like stalking your house and didn’t see any activity.”

He’s such a beta..(sassy eye roll)  Why has he been stalking my house? AND didn’t stop by or call me?

I was determined not to ask him about the sneaky bitch and I didn’t.  He asked me how the dating scene was. I told him I’ve been on some dates but it is what it is… same as always.

He mentioned that his girl is super jealous about everything… even his friend now. His guy BFF. She made some comments, I guess. He just replied that he’s going to live how he’s gonna live.

Just the fact that he would put up with that bullshit reinforces my opinion that guys secretly love the jealous bone. See… I was never jealous of the friend. We even all hung out together once and I had a good time. I like his buddy. Doesn’t matter.  Idk, maybe I’m goin’ to far with this non jealous, not excited thing.. maybe it’s coming across like I couldn’t care less.  Hmmm, food for thought.

He doesn’t seem super attached to this relationship either, as he is trying to get promoted within his company to a location out-of-state, and I mean clear across the country. There’s a whole big world out there to see.

I got off the phone quick because I’m at work and my break was over… but “HEY, don’t lose my number!” I said. SO, we’ll see what happens.

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