She’s Got GAME

I recently found a hott guy blogger. I love his stuff.. It’s gritty and a little nasty.. It’s a succulent peak in to the mind of a man. I also love his uber confident attitude and take on things in the dating world… if you want to call it dating.  He pretty much just talks about screwing… Anyway, here is one of my favorite quotes from his site:

“The rules don’t apply because there are no rules. Those with the power, the power of personality, make the rules. And that is we, brothers, that is we.” -Jordan @


One thing that struck me SO strongly as I read through Jordan’s blog was his referral to his “game”. Girls never talk about “game,” but we should. I have spent far too much time following his lead (whoever the guy may be) and being all tangled up in my own head, instead of thinking how a certain action will create a reaction.  I need to get my game on.

This means operating a certain way, in order to get a certain reaction. Simple right? I do this naturally, but most of the time I don’t think too much about it. It some how feels righteous to notice the cause and effect, yet not do anything to affect the outcome. Like I’m avoiding manipulation or something. Let’s be real though, I’m affecting the outcome by whatever I do… even if I choose to do nothing.

Lately I’ve found myself immersed in the internal struggle between “if it’s meant to be, it will be” and rollin’ out my game. I had this discussion with my BFF the other day. He said “ya, if it’s meant to be, it will be… but why not give yourself the best possible chance?”

As I marinate in this line of thinking… I ask myself “IF in pretty much every other area of our lives we see an end goal and then operate a certain way to attain it… why is that wrong in relationships?” What is it really, except saying the right thing at the right time, breaking the touch barrier at the right moment, etc? What’s so wrong with that?

I have been so fucking busy trying to follow his lead, trying not to seem to eager, not be too excited, not get on his nerves, hold it in when he gets on my last fucking nerve, etc.. that I haven’t been thinking about what I want at all.

In the story I posted a link to above… Jordan talks about a missed opportunity. What he SHOULD have said and SHOULD have done, and it was SO hott. He was totally right. He definitely should have done that.

I have thought about my MANY missed opportunities with The Ambassador. I didn’t go there though because I’ve read so much shit about how women should not be the aggressor or pursuer. However, I think the truth is that this kind of thing must be decided on a case by case, moment by moment basis. What flips one guys switch may not be the same as what does it for another guy. (The Ambassador was such a beta when it came to dating, I really should have been more assertive.)

I also get all worried that I am going to start something I don’t want to finish… That things will get allsweaty and half serious, then I’ll decided he’s no bueno.  The truth is, I want to be wanted.  Once I’m there, I’ll be the one doing the picking and choosing. 

 I’m shifting gears from… “oh I hope he picks me” to “now he wants me, should I pick him?”

damn it, this coulda been me

In fact, we talked about times when I did employ a little game and he RELISHED those moments.  He loved that shit.  God, I was such an idiot!!! I could be gettin’ jammed against the wall and having my hair pulled right now– by a super hot and hilarious guy that lives down the street from me, instead of starting over and driving 45 min each direction to see The Psych Student. Fuck! Maybe I should call him (The Ambassador, that is) and see if he’s still bangin’ the sneaky bitch. hmmm.

Could this be part of why things were so much easier in my fucking 20s. I had NO problem gettin’ my game on then. OH honey, I KNEW how to flirt! I was out of practice for a long time though…That’s it—  I’m pullin’ my game down from off the shelf!   Things are about the heat up…  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Jordan is a very cool Canuck isn’t he?

    I follow him on Twitter. Good choice of wordpress theme btw.

    • He’s def cool. Luv the way he writes.

  2. Thanks for the mention.

    • What can I say? Your stuff rocks. Glad you’re reading mine.

  3. The only disadvantage to playing a game is that someone always loses.

    • I agree, but the more I think about it the more I believe it’s a game any way you look at it.

    • John, I think you misunderstood what Jordan and Candace mean by “Game”.

      It means not doing the stupid, counter-productive shit that people normally do.

  4. Does the Psych Student know you’re only lukewarm on him? As time has passed I’ve decided not to stay in relationships in which I get “that icky feeling.” You know, like how can I get out of this?

    If you prefer The Ambassador maybe it’s time to re-evaluate choices.

    I’ve got to disagree with the “game” stuff. Sounds like college years… not a path of honor or, ultimately, of success.

    • The Psych Student and I have had only two dates– I guess I am luke warm about him. & Maybe he sensed that because he has kind of faded away… I’m just out in the world trying to figure things out. Exploring and sorting through feelings. I’m re-evaluating all the time. I don’t think any of us has “it all figured out.”
      I’m open to others ideas though… Like Jordan talking about “game”.

      To me, game just seems to be flirtation. It’s trying to flirt in a way that will evoke positive feelings in and reactions from the other person- the object of your affection.

    • I appreciate your thought provoking feedback. 🙂 Thank you.

  5. Cadence aka the Siren lol.

    Good post about getting your game on[or thinking about getting it on].

    • The Sire… Do I even have to say?… I loooove that!

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