Soft Sultry Kisses With The Very Provocative Psych Student

The wet metal steps clinked as I slowly descended from The Psych Student’s apartment. He’s definitely living the broke college student life style, I thought. His apartment was furnished with mismatched hand me down furniture, complete with a gigantic roll of toilet paper stolen from the school in his bathroom. There were dishes piled in the sink and thank God for that. I felt so comfortable there. I worry about my own messy operations at home when I visit a guy’s house that is immaculate.

I was feelin’ all fluttery and a little turned on because we’d had a little make-out just before I walked out the door. His kisses were so nice.. soft, slow and sultry. He wasn’t one to rush in, letting me close the gap as he smiled and looked in to my eyes. He was standing behind me on his porch blocking the wind. I was cuddled against him as he leaned his head down over my shoulder looking for my lips. We kissed and I turned my body to him, standing on my toes to reach him. He held me close, no groping or pushing the boundaries, just enjoying the moment together.

He looked so handsome tonight wearing baggy worn jeans and a t-shirt that hung just right along his broad shoulders. He puttered around the kitchen dishing up the salmon he had admittedly overcooked. He’d grown a short well-trimmed beard since I had seen him last. It was so tidy that it was just a little more than a 5 o’clock shadow, but less than a beard. It was very sexy. I thought back to the pictures on his POF profile and my favorite had been him with a beard. I wondered if he had grown it out after my remark or because the weather had turned cold.

We are both busy people who work a lot and chase our kids around. We had talked about seeing each other last Friday but decided to play it by ear… and then we didn’t end up seeing each other at all. Apparently “playing it by ear” doesn’t work for us. lol. I have to say, I almost bailed after that frustration. I’m glad I didn’t.

We had decided to see each other on a Tuesday night. I had gotten off work at 7 and didn’t have to work until the next afternoon. He didn’t have an early morning either so it seemed like the perfect window.

It’s a 45 minute drive to see him and when he remarked that he was stoked to see me, I replied “I’ll hurry”. His response was “Don’t hurry sweets! Like my Dad says: if ur important enough they’ll wait for u.”

What a fantastic reply, and it took some pressure off me. I went home and showered, re-did my hair and make-up and put on some comfortable pants. My intention was for this to be very casual so I can actually start to see who he is– because you know a first date is never good for that. I’ve quoted Chris Rock before saying “on a first date, you’re not meeting them… you’re meeting their representative.” lol

I was a little nervous at one point though. I try not to put myself in a situations that could get hot and heavy real fast because I know I’m a horny bitch and I don’t need the temptation. I have had too many ho-hum sexual experiences over the last year (isn’t just ONE too many?) and I’m playin’ different this time around. I am going to hold out for as long as I can and savor the delicious anticipation. Recently I was inspired by an episode of Desperate Housewives when Bree and her new detective boyfriend were waiting, and when the wait was over, it was on with a hott passion. That’s what I want.

Back to the topic at hand, I was a little nervous because generally men have every intention of seeing how far they can get. They do everything they can to push your boundaries. So, when The Psych Student texted “Or I have thousands available on Netflix. only drawback would be, I can’t watch streaming in the living room until next week. Would have to view via comp in the bedroom?”

I thought, “oooh here we go” and then simply replied “I’ll bring a movie :)”

And maybe he was testing the waters. Maybe that was his tepid version of testing the waters. He’s very respectful, and unassuming. A more aggressive man might have set everything up to play in the bedroom and then tried to play the gropy make-out game as soon as we got in there. Not this one though, and that makes me happy.

At one point he commented “we’re just going to be grubbin’ and watchin’. no expectations.”

I replied “Well, I suppose a person could expect whatever he or she wanted. That doesn’t mean they are going to get it.” Oh, I’m such a sassy bitch…. but it’s true.

We popped in Anchor Man, which pretty much anyone can laugh at as long as you haven’t seen it too many times. We started out eating on opposite ends of the couch, and after each of us getting up a couple of times to carry our plates to the kitchen or used the restroom… We ended up kind of snuggled together. It was a natural progression and didn’t feel overly familiar, just nice to have the physical contact… not because I was lonely or I miss that part of being in a relationship but because it was him.. and I genuinely like him.

After a long day, with a fully belly and a woman close to him, it wasn’t long before his long blinks became sleep. I stayed put, and let him be… gazing at his fully relaxed face from time to time.

When it was over, I said. “That went by really fast.”

“Ya, it did” he said “you don’t have to take off yet if you don’t want to.”

“Ya but you were falling asleep,” I replied.

“I’m sorry. I’m good now. It’s ok. I’m fully awake now.”

“Ok, lets hang out!” I said. With that he got up and started putting his shoes on. I had seen a pack of smokes on the table just inside the door when I arrived, and since the roommate wasn’t home I figured they belonged to my Psych Student. I knew why he was pulling his shoes on, but I thought I’d pick on him a little bit.

“Why are you putting your shoes on? Are you going out to smoke? You said you quit smoking.” He fumbled for the words to reply, as I walked over to my bag and pulled my smokes out. He was happily surprised and pointed at me saying “I knew it! I knew you smoking when you were talking on the phone with me when you were at work.” I laughed and said “ya, but if you didn’t smoke, you wouldn’t have known.”

For us, it was a good moment. It comes down to being able to be yourself. In today’s society, and especially today’s dating culture, there are an awful lot of people with very strong opinions about smoking. (Which is the biggest reason why I’ve been trying to quit since the start of the year). It’s frustrating trying to date someone who doesn’t smoke when you’re a smoker. You never want to do it around them, so it kind of feels like you’re keeping a secret.

Anyway, it was a moment for us both to have our nasty stinky vice seen and accepted.

We stood outside shivering for a while and then headed back in to watch the second movie. He was really sweet and pulled out a movie about a writer, knowing I write, he thought it would interest me. It seemed like he spent the entire movie trying to get his face close to mine… but the smoochin’ didn’t happen until after the movie when we were back on the porch.

He offered to let me crash at his place. “Nothing will happen” he said. I declined with my appreciation but said it was the first time I’d been there and I didn’t know his roommate. I wanted to make sure I was comfortable. “We don’t have a revolving door here” he said “My roommate knew you were coming. He has known I’ve been talking to you the whole time… so that’s the deal with my roommate.” I was trying to find a charming response and didn’t have much time to absorb this, until now. That’s awesome that he’s been talking to his roommate about me. That’s really cool.

I just told him maybe next time, stole a few more kisses and was on my way. I was so stinkin’ proud of myself for getting out of there, without going too far. & Before I even made it home, my phone beeped with a text message “it was great to see you. let me know when that can happen again!”

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  1. That was actually a sweet first-date (or early-date) story.

  2. Well-written post.

    Chris Rock really knows how to say it, doesn’t he?

    Oh, and “Like my Dad says: if ur important enough they’ll wait for u.” Might just get absorbed into my own, with correct spelling, of course.

    • 😉 Glad you liked it!

      • Can you edit your comment to take out my IP and such? Thanks.

      • Ok, Blaze -adjustments made. Did it take out all you needed? Sorry about that… replied from my “smart” phone. That was a mistake!

    • Yes. I appreciate it.

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