Must Love Dogs

At this most recent wine night, we talked about what we are all looking for and how we operate within a relationship. We are two different generations and in two different career fields. We are all in different stages of dating and relationships, so the conversation is always juicy.

I did notice we have a lot of things in common. We all have some level of college education. We all have careers we love. We are all active women who operate our lives with confidence and assurance. Also, none of us are getting much help at all, financially, from our exs. We are beautiful fabulous women.

We are caretakers, in our professional and personal lives… and we all love dogs. The Sultry School Teacher shares her home with a cute little yorkie who fancies himself king of the castle, and is completely offended anytime he’s treated like a dog. She lost her black lab earlier in the year. The Sweet Tri-athlete has two very active medium-sized dogs that, despite having four legs vs. two, need all their energy to keep up with her. The Cougar has her two German Shepherds, one old girl who’s going blind and one still a pup. And then there is me with a smooth fox terrier, and a red chihuahua-doxie mix puppy.

It’s not so much the dogs that struck me but what they mean. We don’t take care of people because that is our lot in life, but because it’s who we are… We are driven to. We have so much love to give and we value all the spirits in our lives and the love they bring with them.

We are all such supportive, smart, successful women… any man should feel lucky, privileged, even blessed to have a chance to spend time with us. I just wish we could all operate like we knew that deep inside.

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  1. love this blog and looking forward to reading more!!!

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