I Don’t Have Time For This BS

Guy and Girl just bein' themselves

The Red Hott Latino called me the other day. I didn’t pick up but I did check my voicemail afterwards. He was most likely drunk and just said “Please call me.”

I did NOT call. He called again about a week later. I did not call back. Captain Amazing’s comment on that “Latin Lover: 0 / Cadence: 2”

See, I have decided I just don’t have time for this bullshit. I have a career, a home, two beautiful kids that I love, girlfriends… a whole big life. I don’t have time for someone who doesn’t appreciate me being in his life… If he could take it or leave it, then leave it. Buh bye!

I also have no time for men that want to dice up our interaction in to as many different levels as he possibly can, in order to give himself the least amount of involvement possible while still getting laid.

I went to see “What’s Your Number” with The Sultry School Teacher last night…. and once again I saw a story of a girl and a guy becoming the best of friends and then falling in love. That’s exactly what I am after. It doesn’t have to lead to marriage or moving in or anything like that. I just want the root of it. For someone to know the real me, and appreciate it. Someone to be my best self with. Just a partner, a friend, a lover.

I went on a chick date with The Sultry School Teacher. She’s so incredibly insightful. We talked about a lot of things, including whether or not she was ever IN love with her ex-husband. It got me thinking about whether I had ever truly been in love…

I think I have been. I think with The Smoldering Firefigther that happened to be 11 years younger than I. My connection with him was always very strong… even spiritual, and I will always love him. I know his heart and I’ll always remember that. He’s seared on my soul.

another great scene from "What's Your Number?"

Funny that I’ve been married twice and neither of those men are the ones I’m speaking of.  It’s the same for The Sultry School Teacher… She’s been in love, but it wasn’t with her ex-husband.  Why do we do that for ourselves?  Life is quite a complicated journey.

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  1. Sometimes you make a decision to be with the person who you can see spending a long time with. That person may not be the one who you’re in love with but the one with the most staying power. There’s something to be said for an enduring love.

    • There certainly IS something to be said for enduring love but one has to decide if that is what she or he wants in life.

  2. It’s a complicated journey, but it can also be an exciting wild ride. We just have to remember to wear our seatbelts at the right times!

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