Meet The Dazzling Divorcees

I have had a couple of wine nights now. Just nights I invited a bunch of fabulous unattached women I know to come over and drink wine. It was a simple thing. Everyone brought a bottle of wine and I put together a fruit plate… then we sat for hours talking about ourselves, relationships, dating, our exs, and our divorces.

The first night turned out 4 women, myself included. After that night, each woman separately texted me and asked when we would have another.   Last night we had the second night, with the same 4 women. (I guess the women who didn’t come the first time didn’t know what they were missing).

This has given all of us everything I hoped it would. It has given us emotional support and a forum to talk things out. Hopefully over time it will give us a sitcom like group… like Friends or Happy Endings, Sex in the City or Desperate Housewives (without the murders and plane crashes). A group to be in the arms of when things are good and when they are bad… when we have our kids, or when we don’t and we are hopelessly lonely.. a family to help hold us up when we need it and let us hold them up too… and it happens to give the guys we are all seeing something to fantasize about.   That doesn’t hurt! 😉

Fantastic conversation ensued and I decided I should introduce these women to my readers…

The first is me…. Your Sassy Author. I’m the youngest at 34 years old. I am also the one who’s been on the dating scene the longest. I am 4 1/2 years out of a 10 year marriage to a cop who lives in our town and shares 50/50 custody of our two school age kids. I’m the one who’s been kicked in the dirt the most (sometimes of my own doing, I’ll admit) and the one most willing to take chances. I’m a petite little thing just under 5 ft and around 100 lbs… with dark brown hair and shining blue eyes. I am a law enforcement dispatcher,sassy and opinionated. I’m new to this career field within the last year. I’m not too loud, and not too quiet.. smart and strong, a leader and always ready for a good laugh.

Next we have The Edgy Cougar, also a law enforcement dispatcher but with a long career behind her. She’s currently separated from a cop. Her ex is a man nearly 20 years younger than her, who started an affair with a trailer trash highschool girlfriend… then lied to her about why he wanted to split up. She found out later. She’s brash and bold, 55 years old, average height with huge jugs and sleek dark brown hair. Her eyes are sad after losing her 15 year marriage to a man she spent nearly every waking moment with. As we sit around the table drinking wine, she cracks open the beer she brought for herself and pours it into a glass. She runs nearly everyday and spends her time taking care of her two enormous German Shepherds. She keeps quiet for the most part but when she speaks up, she calls a spade a spade. She’s also a friend you can count on, a trained crisis counselor yet finds herself disappointed as the people around her don’t offer the same support she does.

The Sweet Tri-athlete sits at the table in her jeans and fire department t-shirt… Her hair looking lush and full. It’s a wavy dark brown that lets her smooth brown eyes peek out with all their innocence. At 50 years old, The Sweet Tri-athlete carries a body in better shape than some 20 year olds. She’s trim and toned, with a flat stomach and face that never gives away her age. She’s a mother of two, and has been teaching long enough to have some of her first student’s children in her class. She surfs. She runs. She mountain bikes. She kayaks. She swims, and she’s the least angry person I have ever met. She seems to have literally NO anger toward her exs at all. The Sweet Tri-athlete went from a marriage that spanned some 30 years right into a relationship with a local cop that ended very suddenly after 2 1/2 years and talk of a wedding.

Finally, The Sultry School Teacher, my neighbor and friend. She has a round face, with big doe eyes and wavy light brown hair that stubbornly curls around her face, even when most of it is tied back. She has a friendly open face and all-knowing eyes from spending 10 years married to a completely emotionally stunted man-child firefighter. She’s the mother, not only to her elementary school class, and her own children but also to her ex. She sat on a Master’s degree in education for 10 years while raising her children and is now starting her career. She’s welcoming, and insightful, incredibly confident and probably my favorite in the group.

So, there they are… my girls. We are all in it together…. and I intend to share our thoughts, experiences, and theories with you. More to come……….

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